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Magpie's Roost
Magpie's Roost Anime.png
Associated With
Heroes Marci minimap icon.png Marci
Mirana of Nightsilver Mirana minimap icon.png Miranǎ
Places Hauptstadt
Gods The Shopkeeper
Characters Gwanwyn
Artifacts Shopkeeper's Gem

The Magpie's Roost is a location exclusive to the animated series of Dota: Dragon's Blood.[1]


  1. DOTA: Dragon's Blood, Book 1, Chapter 2: Princess of Nothing
    Mirana: I came her for information about my lotuses. Tell me where to find them.
    *The corpulent overseer that tried to traffick them earlier is sent flying into a bunch of crates by Marci's strength*
    Mirana: Or explain it to her.
    Gwanwyn: The Shopkeeper! Talk to the Shopkeeper.
    Mirana: Where?
    Gwanwyn: The Magpie's Roost. If any such merchandise moves through Candoness, he knows. He knows.
    *Mirana retrieves her circlet from his pocket*
    Gwanwyn: And he'll know you, Princess of Nothing. Outcast! Usurper's whore!
    Mirana: Finder of lost precious things.
    *Mirana punts him in the face with a low roundhouse kick*
    Mirana: See if you can find your teeth. Let's go.