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The Magnoceroi (singular: Magnoceros) are a race of furry quadrupeds, with a prominent single horn. They lived around Mount Joerlak until its eruption, after which they headed north to find refuge. According to the master-smiths of Mount Joerlak, Magnoceroi horns are more precious than any alloy. This led the Magnoceroi to frequent and bloody encounters with hunters.[1]


Magnoceroi are notoriously stubborn, and do not believe in chance. Their culture is matriarchal.[1] One day, the Magnoceroi intend to kill those responsible for the Mount Joerlak's eruption, and reclaim their homeland.[2] In battle, the Magnoceroi gore enemies with their horns, trample them under hooves, and run them through with pikes.[3]

An unnamed Magnoceros aided the Dreadknight in attempting to conquest Ostarion's kingdom, but failed. After his death, his skull was made into a pauldron.[4]


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