Luxuriant Chin-Foliage

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Luxuriant Chin-Foliage
Cosmetic icon Luxuriant Chin-Foliage.png
Nature's Prophet icon.png
Nature's Prophet
Rarity: Uncommon
Slot: Neck

"Let those that would rule as Verdant Kings wear upon their brow horns sharpened with the wisdom of judgment and hang upon their chins a mighty symbol of their station."
The Regal Forest Lord Set
Runestaff of Verodicia
Horns of Noblesse
Luxuriant Chin-Foliage
Cape of Verdant Dreaming
Runed Ailettes
Cuffs of Oak and Yew

Set Items[edit]

Luxuriant Chin-Foliage
Luxuriant Chin-Foliage