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Lucius Longclaw
Siltbreaker Lucius Longclaw model.png
Associated With
Races Lycans
Factions Longclaw Clan
Bonemeal Ogres
Places Howling Weald
Characters Bogdugg
Species Dire Wolf

Lucius Longclaw is a character in the lore of Dota 2.


He seems to be the alpha among the wolves of the Howling Weald and the wolf-kin of the Longclaw Clan. Having a magical wolf amulet in his possession, he is one of the few inhabitants of the Weald to have access to magic, which seems to be exclusive to the Longclaws.[1]



For an entire generation, Lucius Longclaw and his clan has been defending the Howling Weald against Bogdugg and the Bonemeal Ogres, who seek to claim the Weald from them.[2][3]

Lucius and his clan often attack Commander Targan and the Kalabor soldiers who have encroached upon their Weald.[4] He attacked their camp for the last time with his pack and clan to avenge those who were slaughtered in their dens,[5] but they were all slain by the four Heroes of the Conclave of the Brine and Targan's forces.



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