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Lockless Luckbox
Cosmetic icon Lockless Luckbox.png
Bundle 15210
Rarity: Mythical

Don't bother looking for your keys, because this chest doesn't need one! Free with any purchase for a limited time, our Lucky Lockless Chest contains one of a number of prized possessions that may be found only inside of it. So save your keys for a chest that needs them. You already got lucky!
Created By
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This item was given out via codes to players who bought certain real-life merchandise from Valve's "Secret Shop" pavilion at Benaroya Hall during The International 2013. It could also be obtained by unboxing certain microplushes from the Microplush Blindbox. This item is still obtainable through the purchase of merchandise, via a DLC code.[1]


Former Items[]

On August 28, 2013, Skull of Xahryx was removed from the game and replaced with Form of the Onyx Grove.