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Lina icon.png
Strength attribute symbol.png
Agility attribute symbol.png
Intelligence attribute symbol.png
20 + 2.4
23 + 2.4
30 + 3.8
Level 0 1 15 25 30
Health 200 600 1260 1980 2260
+0.25 +2.25 +5.61 +9.21 +10.61
Mana 75 435 1071 1671 1923
+0 +1.5 +4.16 +6.66 +7.71
Armor 0 3.83 9.43 15.43 17.77
Damage Block -
Magic Resistance 25%
Status Resistance 0%
Damage 21‒29 51‒59 104‒112 154‒162 175‒183
Attack Rate 0.63/s 0.77/s 0.98/s 1.2/s 1.29/s
Attack Range Ranged 670 (800)
Attack Speed ▶️ 100 (1.6s BAT)
Attack Animation 0.65+0.6
Projectile Speed 1000
Movement Speed ▶️ 290
Turn Rate Takes 0.175s to turn 180°. 0.6
Collision Size 24
Vision Range (G) 1800 • 800
Legs 2
Gib Type Fire
Ability Upgrades
Upgradable by Aghanim's Scepter.
Upgradable by Aghanim's Shard.
Laguna Blade
Fiery Soul
Increases attack and speed with every spell.
Like her younger sister, Lina's elemental affinity was the source of many headaches. Sent south to live with a patient aunt, she learned to master her Fiery Soul in the blazing Desert of Misrule. Channeling the breath of Desert Wyrms, she unleashes her Dragon Slave to burn a path before her. Attuned to fire, Lina ignites the ground, incinerating foes in a Column of Flame. Even the hardiest of heroes fear the Slayer's signature spell — The Laguna Blade. Focusing every bit of heat around her, Lina fires a condensed bolt of white-hot energy, instantly evaporating her opponent with minimal struggle or effort.
Dragon Slave
Light Strike Array
Fiery Soul
Fiery Soul
Laguna Blade
Laguna Blade
Roles: Support Support Carry Carry Nuker Nuker Disabler Disabler
Complexity: ★☆☆


Lina minimap icon.pngLina, the Slayer
▶️ "Fire makes a fine servant, but a harsh mistress."
The sibling rivalries between Lina the Slayer, and her younger sister Rylai, the Crystal Maiden, were the stuff of legend in the temperate region where they spent their quarrelsome childhoods together. Lina always had the advantage, however, for while Crystal was guileless and naive, Lina's fiery ardor was tempered by cleverness and conniving. The exasperated parents of these incompatible offspring went through half a dozen homesteads, losing one to fire, the next to ice, before they realized life would be simpler if the children were separated. As the oldest, Lina was sent far south to live with a patient aunt in the blazing Desert of Misrule, a climate that proved more than comfortable for the fiery Slayer. Her arrival made quite an impression on the somnolent locals, and more than one would-be suitor scorched his fingers or went away with singed eyebrows, his advances spurned. Lina is proud and confident, and nothing can dampen her flame.


Dragon Slave
Dragon Slave icon.png
Lina channels the breath of a dragon, sending out a wave of fire that scorches every enemy in its path.
Cast Animation: 0.45+0.38
Cast Range: 800
Starting Radius: 275
Travel Distance: 1075
End Radius: 200
Damage: 85/160/235/310
Cooldown: 9 (Talent 5.5)
Mana: 100/115/130/145
In the scorched barren of Misrule, Lina learned to manipulate the fiery breath of the Desert Wyrm as a form of entertainment.


  • Dragon Slave travels at a speed of 1200, taking 0.9 seconds to travel the full distance.
  • With the travel distance and end radius, it can hit units up to 1275 range away.
  • The complete area is shaped like a cone.
  • For how much damage Dragon Slave deals with each amount of Fiery Soul stacks on each level, please refer to the chart below.

Light Strike Array
Light Strike Array icon.png
Summons a column of flames that damages and stuns enemies.
Cast Animation: 0.45+0.67/0.43
Cast Range: 625
Effect Radius: 250
Effect Delay: 0.5
Damage: 100/150/200/250 (Talent 230/280/330/380)
Stun Duration: 1.6/1.9/2.2/2.5
Cooldown: 13/11/9/7
Mana: 100/105/110/115
Modifiers [?]
Lina's essence allows her to focus the sun's energies, causing air to combust at will.


  • Light Strike Array first applies the debuff, then the damage.
  • Destroys trees within its radius after the effect delay.
  • The visual effects and the sound during the 0.5-second effect delay are only visible and audible to allies.
  • Lina has two different animations for this ability, leading to two possible cast backswing durations.
  • For how much damage Light Strike Array deals with each amount of Fiery Soul stacks on each level, please refer to the chart below.

Fiery Soul
Can be used by illusions. Disabled by Break. Pierces spell immunity. EF
Fiery Soul icon.png
Grants bonus attack and movement speed each time Lina hits an enemy with a spell. Stacks with itself. Lasts 15 seconds.
Max Stacks: 7
Move Speed Bonus per Stack: 1.5%/2%/2.5%/3% (Talent 2.5%/3%/3.5%/4%)
Attack Speed Bonus per Stack: 10/20/30/40 (Talent 25/35/45/55)
Stack Duration: 15
With Aghanim's Shard Ability Damage Bonus per Stack: 10
Upgradable by Aghanim's Shard.
Aghanim's Shard Upgrade:
Lina's spells deal 10 more damage for each Fiery Soul Charge.
Disabled by Break.
Break Notes:
Prevents gaining new stacks.
Existing stacks still provide bonus movement and attack speed.
Can be used by illusions.
Illusion Notes:
Fully works for illusions that can cast abilities.
Modifiers [?]
Ability Draft Notes
Ability Draft Notes:
Gaining stacks is not limited to Lina's abilities, however, restrictions listed in the notes still apply.
Upgradable by Aghanim's Shard.
The damage bonus only works for Lina's default abilities.
Dancing flames embody Lina's playful nature, bringing out her true blazing self.


  • Gains a stack whenever one of Lina's abilities deal damage to enemies (before reductions).
    • Does not trigger on active item abilities, on abilities with 0 cooldown, or on abilities which do not trigger on-cast effects.
    • The stacks share a duration, gaining a new instance refreshes the entire stack.
  • This is how much bonus movement speed and attack speed Fiery Soul grants respectively, up to stacks on each level:
    • 2 Stacks:
      • 3%/4%/5%/6% (Talent 5%/6%/7%/8%) movement speed
      • 20/40/60/80 (Talent 50/70/90/110) attack speed.
    • 3 Stacks:
      • 4.5%/6%/7.5%/9% (Talent 7.5%/9%/10.5%/12%) movement speed
      • 30/60/90/120 (Talent 75/105/135/165) attack speed.
    • 4 Stacks:
      • 6%/8%/10%/12% (Talent 10%/12%/14%/16%) movement speed
      • 40/80/120/160 (Talent 100/140/180/220) attack speed.
    • 5 Stacks:
      • 7.5%/10%/12.5%/15% (Talent 12.5%/15%/17.5%/20%) movement speed
      • 50/100/150/200 (Talent 125/175/225/275) attack speed.
    • 6 Stacks:
      • 9%/12%/15%/18% (Talent 15%/18%/21%/24%) movement speed
      • 60/120/180/240 (Talent 150/210/270/330) attack speed.
    • 7 Stacks:
      • 10.5%/14%/17.5%/21% (Talent 17.5%/21%/24.5%/28%) movement speed
      • 70/140/210/280 (Talent 175/245/315/385) attack speed.
    • With Aghanim's Shard icon.png Aghanim's Shard, it also increases the damage of Lina's abilities by a flat 10/20/30/40/50/60/70 with each amount of stacks.

Laguna Blade icon.png
(Upgradable by Aghanim's Scepter. Pure)
Fires off a bolt of lightning at a single enemy unit, dealing massive damage.
Cast Animation: 0.45+0.7
Cast Range: 600
Effect Delay: 0.25
Damage: 500/700/900
Cooldown: 70/60/50 (Talent 45/35/25)
Mana: 150/300/450
Upgradable by Aghanim's Scepter.
Aghanim's Scepter Upgrade:
Changes Laguna Blade's damage type to Pure, and allows it to slice through spell immunity.
Partially pierces spell immunity.
Cannot be cast on spell immune enemies.
Fully pierces spell immunity when turning spell immune during the effect delay.
Fully pierces spell immunity when reflected.
Upgradable by Aghanim's Scepter.
Can be cast on spell immune enemies.
Partially blocked by Linken's Sphere.
Blocked upon cast.
Ability particles still visually appear.
Modifiers [?]
The air around Lina becomes so intensely torrid that it scorches a foe that came too close with white-hot lightning.


  • Places a debuff on the target, which applies the damage upon expiring. The debuff lasts 0.25 seconds.
  • For how much damage Laguna Blade deals with each amount of Fiery Soul stacks on each level, please refer to the chart below.

Fiery Soul Calculations[]

Dragon Slave Ability Damage per Upgradable by Aghanim's Shard. Fiery Soul Stack
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Level 1 85 95 105 115 125 135 145 155
Level 2 160 170 180 190 200 210 220 230
Level 3 235 245 255 265 275 285 295 305
Level 4 310 320 330 340 350 360 370 380
Light Strike Array
Level 1
100 110 120 130 140 150 160 170
230 240 250 260 270 280 290 300
Level 2
150 160 170 180 190 200 210 220
280 290 300 310 320 330 340 350
Level 3
200 210 220 230 240 250 260 270
330 340 350 360 370 380 390 400
Level 4
250 260 270 280 290 300 310 320
380 390 400 410 420 430 440 450
Laguna Blade
Level 1 500 510 520 530 540 550 560 570
Level 2 700 710 720 730 740 750 760 770
Level 3 900 910 920 930 940 950 960 970


Hero Talents
+125 Attack Range25-25s Laguna Blade Cooldown
+15/1% Fiery Soul Per Stack20+11% Spell Amplification
+130 Light Strike Array Damage15+350 Health
-3.5s Dragon Slave Cooldown10+25 Damage
  • This attack damage talent is added as bonus attack damage.
    • Does not benefit illusions and is not affected by most percentage-based damage increasing or reducing effects.
  • The health talent increases maximum health capacity, and keeps the current health percentage.

Recent Changes[]

Main Article: Lina/Changelogs
  • Fiery Soul
    • Now gains a stack whenever Lina's abilities deal damage to enemies, instead of upon casting abilities.
    • Increased max stacks from 3 to 7.
    • Increased stacks duration from 12 to 15.
    • Reduced movement speed bonus per stack from 4%/5%/6%/7% to 1.5%/2%/2.5%/3%.
    • Reduced attack speed bonus per stack from 30/50/70/90 to 10/20/30/40.
  • Reworked Aghanim's Shard icon.png Aghanim's Shard upgrade:
    • Old: Removes Laguna Blade's 0.25s effect delay, reduces its mana cost by 100, increases its cast range by 250 and turns it into a ground-targeted ability, traveling the full distance and hitting every enemy unit that comes within 125 range of it. [?]
    • New: Causes Fiery Soul to increase the damage of Lina's abilities by 10 per stack. [?]
  • Talent Talents:
Level 20 left talent: +30/+2% Fiery Soul attack/movement speed per stack reduced to +15/+1%.
Level 10 left talent: -2.5s Dragon Slave cooldown increased to -3.5s.
Level 10 right talent: +30 attack damage reduced to +25.

Recommended Items[]

Starting items:

  • Tango icon.png Tango restores health to keep Lina in lane.
  • Null Talisman icon.png Null Talisman gives attributes so Lina can get last hits.
  • Iron Branch icon.png Iron Branch provides cheap attributes; it also gives more healing out of Tango.
  • Clarity icon.png Clarity sustains mana so Lina can keep using abilities, threatening enemies more.

Early game:

  • Magic Stick icon.png Magic Stick is useful since Lina is squishy and has multiple high-cost low-cooldown spells picking up Magic Stick can increase her early staying power greatly.
  • Boots of Speed icon.png Boots of Speed helps Lina get into position to land her abilities while avoiding danger zones.
  • Bottle (Full) icon.png Bottle is a common pickup for Lina when playing in the mid lane.

Mid game:

  • Phase Boots icon.png Phase Boots's attack damage complements Fiery Soul to increase Lina's damage output.
  • Arcane Boots icon.png Arcane Boots is a viable alternative, especially for a more support oriented Lina.
  • Bloodstone icon.png Bloodstone can solve Lina's mana issues while also improving her low HP pool. With enough charges, she can keep up her full stacks of Fiery Soul without having to worry about being out of mana during the next team fight.
  • Eul's Scepter of Divinity icon.png Eul's Scepter of Divinity enhances Lina's positioning even further and greatly boosts her mana-regeneration because of her high base Intelligence and Intelligence gain. It can also be used to set up Light Strike Array fairly reliably.

Late game:

  • Blink Dagger icon.png Blink Dagger gives Lina the ability to stay back in safety, then blink in at an opportune moment to cast her Light Strike Array before the enemy can see it coming and evade it.

Situational items:

  • Aghanim's Scepter icon.png Aghanim's Scepter roughly boosts Lina's Laguna Blade damage by another ability point, increases her survivability because of the increase to her attributes, and lets her damage stay relevant even against Black King Bar users in the mid or late game.
  • Drum of Endurance icon.png Drum of Endurance improves her own positioning and all attributes for relatively low cost and also benefits her team.
  • Shadow Blade icon.png Shadow Blade can be useful for a carry Lina, as it helps her to cast Light Strike Array while invisible, and also provides her with an escape mechanism.
  • Scythe of Vyse icon.png Scythe of Vyse gives her team an important disable that also helps to ensure she lands Light Strike Array. Furthermore, its attribute bonuses will make her a bit more survivable and drastically improve her mana regeneration.
  • Crystalys icon.png Crystalys provides a good damage boost when playing as a semi-carry Lina, and can be upgraded to Daedalus icon.png Daedalus.
  • Black King Bar icon.png Black King Bar is sometimes picked up when Lina is carrying, especially against teams with many disables.
  • Shiva's Guard icon.png Shiva's Guard both helps with Lina's mana regeneration problems as well as her low armor value while also benefiting her team with Shiva's Guard's aura and active ability.
  • Rod of Atos icon.png Rod of Atos provides Lina with a larger mana pool that becomes more important as teamfights expand and Laguna Blade becomes more mana-intensive, as well as a significant boost to her low HP pool. Its active effect can also greatly assist in landing her stun, and has a low enough cooldown to do so almost as soon as Light Strike Array comes off cooldown again.
  • Octarine Core icon.png Octarine Core's extra range gives more survival potential in teamfights. Also, it gives a huge intelligence boost, as well as a greater ability to spam spells.
  • Ethereal Blade icon.png Ethereal Blade is a decent luxury item if the farm is available. It allows Lina to amplify her magical nukes, and slows enemies to help her land them. Using the active on herself is also a good escape mechanism against late game carries.






  • The original Lina Inverse "The Slayer" was modeled after the main character from the novels/anime/manga Slayers where Light Strike Array, Dragon Slave and Laguna Blade are all spells used by the original Lina Inverse.[1]
  • Lina's line ▶️ "Better to burn out than fade away" is a reference to the Neil Young song, My, My, Hey, Hey.
  • The line ▶️ "Turn me over... I'm done." is a reference to Lawrence of Rome who was roasted alive on a giant grill and joked, "Turn me over — I'm done on this side."
  • Lina's rival response towards Batrider minimap icon.png Batrider ▶️ "Why'd you stop? This isn't Batrider country." is a reference to a line in the movie Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.[2]
  • In older versions of DotA, Lina was a male hero that used the Blood Mage model, also used by the Invoker. In these versions, Lina was known as Link Inverse.
  • Lina's line ▶️ "It's not the heat, it's the humiliation." is a reference to "It's not the heat, it's the humidity." a quote from Yogi Berra.
  • Lina's coils around her neck are possibly a representation of Kayan Lahwi women in Myanmar, who are also referred to as "dragon women".