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Leshrac minimap icon.png Leshrac, the Tormented Soul
Leshrac, Tormented Soul, is an entity torn from the heart of nature, a liminal being that exists half in one plane of existence, half in another. His penetrating intelligence is such that he can never ignore for a moment the agonizing horror at the heart of all creation. Once a great philosopher who sought the meaning of existence, he plumbed the depths of nature with the haunted Chronoptic Crystals, and was forever altered by the hideous mysteries thereby revealed to him. Now the darkest depths of his enlightenment are illumined only by the fitful glare of his arrogance. Like other elemental characters, he is completely at one with nature, but in his case it is a nature lurid and vile. He alone sees the evil truth of reality, and has no use for those who believe the cosmos reserves a special reward for those who practice benevolence.
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Heroes Pangolier minimap icon.png Pangolier


Leshrac once did something to a woman acquainted with Donte Panlin, angering him greatly.[1] While Donte let him live at that time, he swore to kill Leshrac in revenge if he ever saw him again.[2]

Friendships and rivalries[]

Allies meeting Leshrac

Enemies killing Leshrac


  • ▶️ Oracle minimap icon.png r Before this day has ended, you will fall beneath the shadow of a soul far more tormented than your own.
  • ▶️ ▶️ Legion Commander minimap icon.png Defend your beard!


  1. Pangolier response: ▶️ That was for her…
  2. Pangolier response: ▶️ I let you live before, Leshrac. But forgiveness will not come easily.