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Places Outlands
Cosmetics The Toy Butcher

Krimwohl is a kingdom in the outlands.[1] It was surrounded by a once verdant forest where Hoodwink was born and raised in, which is just south to the misty Wood Tomo'kan.[2]


Before Snapfire's arrival, they were harmless towards the forest and its denizens.[3] After an unknown amount of time, Snapfire arrived in the kingdom and sold her gunpowder to its inhabitants, and they were quick to use it for their own needs and wants, including advancements in technology thanks to Snapfire's black powder.[4][5] With their newfound technology and the ever-growing needs of its populace, the surrounding forest was cut down by Krimwohl's inhabitants to harvest its abundant resources, including wood and ore. Besides its resources, they also claimed the lives and servitude of Hoodwink's fellow people and sentenced those who surrendered into their work camps[6] or welcomed them into Krimwohl as refugees.[7]

The Toy Butcher was created when an enchanter from Weeping Rose was summoned to Krimwohl at the request of an unnamed girl who wanted a doll that was imbued with Pudge's imperishable essence.[8][9]


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