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The Korumite are a group of long forgotten scholars and monks, who studied both martial and arcane arts. Despite this, they were humble and did not presume to know how to use their magic properly.[1] Almost nobody remembers the Korumite except for Inai, who finds them worthy of respect.[2] His temple was built after a Korumite design.[3]

Carl, the Invoker minimap icon.png Invoker is also one of the few who remember the Korumite, and even knows a number of their incantations.[4]


  1. Void Spirit response: ▶️ The Temple of the Korumite monks was filled with scholars wise enough to study both the martial and arcane arts, yet humble enough to know they did not possess the wisdom to correctly wield them.
  2. Void Spirit response: ▶️ Very few mortals since have earned my respect like the Korumite. That barely a single soul remembers them is no small reason why.
  3. Void Spirit response: ▶️ A temple fashioned after a Korumite design -- far removed from the reach of all but those very few I permit to chance across it.
  4. Void Spirit response: ▶️ I'm impressed that you've not only heard of the Korumite, but you even remember some incantations.