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Kobold Soldier
Kobold Soldier
Kobold Soldier model
Kobold Soldier icon
Neutral Creep
This unit has no mana.
Level 1
Armor Armor 1
Magic Resistance 0%
Status Resistance 0
Attack Damage ▶️ Default
20 ‒ 21
Attack Range Melee 100
Acquisition Range 500
Attack Speed 1 attack(s) per second. 200 • 2s BAT
Attack Animation 0.38+0.6
Projectile Speed Instant
Move Speed ▶️ 270 (100)
Turn Rate Takes 0.175s to turn 180°. 0.9
Collision Size 27
Bound Radius 24
Vision Range (G) 800
Bounty Gold 1416
Experience 17
Model Scale 1
Abilities Steal Weapon (Kobold Soldier) icon Steal Weapon

Kobold Soldier is a neutral creep found in:


Steal Weapon
Can be used by illusions. Disabled by Break. Does not pierce debuff immunity.
Steal Weapon (Kobold Soldier) icon
Every third attack Kobold Soldier will disarm its target temporarily. Attack counter doesn't increase while ability is on cooldown.
Required Hits: 3
Disarm Duration: 3/3.5/4/5
Cooldown symbol
Upgradable by Aghanim's Shard.
Aghanim's Shard Upgrade:
Holy Persuasion icon Holy Persuasion increases the level of certain persuaded creeps' ability by 1 and unlocks the 4th ability level.
Modifiers [?]

  • Each successful attack done on an enemy hero or creep adds one stack to the attack counting buff.
    • The buff is always present, but it is hidden when at 0 charges.
  • Does not count attacks done against allies nor disarms them on the triggering attack.
  • The charges have no duration and last indefinitely.
  • When the charges reach 3, the disarm is applied and the charges set back to 0.
  • The triggering attack first applies the debuff, then its own damage.
  • For the Kobold Soldier to continuously disarm its attack target, it must have ≥ 201/172/151/121 attack speed or have an attack time of ≤ 1/0.86/0.75/0.6s (before status resistance reductions).


Neutral Upgrade
Unknown icon
Neutral creeps now increase their stats as time passes by.
Max Stack: 30
Upgrade Interval: 450
Health Bonus per Interval: 30
Armor Bonus per Interval: 0.5
Base Attack Damage Bonus per Interval: 3
Attack Speed Bonus per Interval: 5
Gold Bounty Increase per Interval: 1
Experience Bounty Increase per Interval: 5
Modifiers [?]

  • Each upgrade interval is at 7.5 mins after the game horn.
    • Instantly updates all existing neutral creeps upon each upgrade interval.
  • Grants the following total permanent bonuses at max stacks during the 225th minute (3:45:00 game-time):
    • 900 health bonus.
    • 15 armor bonus.
    • 90 base attack damage bonus.
    • 150 attack speed bonus.
    • Additional 30 Gold and 150XP bounty.
  • The total values on each upgrade cycle can be seen in each of the camps' articles.
  • Additionally, certain neutral creeps' abilities instantly update their ability level every 15 mins, up to 2 times, after the game horn.

Recent Changes[]

  • Increased Steal Weapon (Kobold Soldier) icon Steal Weapon disarm duration from 3 to 3/3.5/4/5. [?]
  • Increased attack damage from 14‒15 to 17‒18.
  • Increased base attack time from 1.35 to 2.
  • Increased attack speed from 100 to 200.
  • Increased turn rate from 0.5 to 0.9.
  • Reduced gold bounty from 14‒18Gold to 14‒16Gold.
  • Increased model scale from 0.9 to 1.
  • Changed
    attack class from Basic to Default. [?]
  • Changed
    defense class from Basic to Default. [?]
  • Added
    new Steal Weapon (Kobold Soldier) icon Steal Weapon ability.
Temporarily disarms the target after a fixed amount of attacks. The attack counter does not increase while on cooldown.
Number of attacks: 3
Duration: 3
Notes: The counter does not increase on missed attacks. Disabled by Break.