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Races Demons
Places Seven Hells
Characters Vanessa

Knogh is an Earthbound demon. Once a destined heir to his family's clan, he now serves the occultist Vanessa as her personal demonic bodyguard and enforcer.[1]


Knogh was part of an unnamed demon clan that would have ruled over the Court of Ristul. However, by unknown means, he was tricked by the occult investigator Vanessa and bound into a temporary but lengthy contract (presumably a magical contract) that would force him into servitude in the mortal plane where his powers and potential to become a great demon lord would rot in their world. What he didn't lose however, was his birthright as the ruler of the Court of Ristul, which was sought out by Akasha, the Queen of Pain minimap icon.png Queen of Pain.

Eminence of Ristul[]

After Knogh was tricked into servitude by Vanessa, the rulers of the Court of Ristul was reduced to three lords. Shadow Fiend minimap icon.png Shadow Fiend, Underlord minimap icon.png Underlord, and B'kor decided to split the rule over the court into three ways rather than four. Thus eliminating Knogh's clan from their position of power and putting them under the heel of the three new demon lords.

Back in the mortal plane, Akasha decided to increase her status within the Court of Ristul, tired of her brother B'Kor's constant mocking. She sought out the fallen demon prince Knogh, who serves Vanessa in the magical town of Weeping Rose. She informed him about the happenings below when Knogh was away from his home realm: the division of power between the three demon lords, the demotion of Knogh's clan, etc. However, Knogh was merely frustrated by Akasha mentioning his failures, but she had more to tell him besides that. She proposed a power transfer between the two of them, since the contract made Knogh unable to freely travel back to the Seven Hells, rendering his powers useless in the current plane that he resides in.

Knogh agreed to give her his birthright, transferring the ownership of the lands and powers associated with his clan. He agreed to this transfer of power, because he'd have no place to go back to once his contract had ended. Once he gave away his birthright, he became a normal demon with no power over the Court of Ristul or his clan.