Kinetic: Muh Keen Gun

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Kinetic: Muh Keen Gun
Cosmetic icon Kinetic Gem.png
Gem / Rune
Sniper icon.png
Rarity: Rare

Adding this gem to an item will modify or add one or more new animations to the hero equipping the item.
Created By
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This gem grants all custom animations found on Muh Keen Gun.

Default On[edit]


  • Since this gem's animations were originally meant accomodate Muh Keen Gun's large model, socketing this gem into any other item will make Sniper appear to hold his weapon in mid-air.
  • All custom effects seen here are bound to Muh Keen Gun. Only custom animations are bound to the gem.
Customization Type Preview
Loadout Animation
Idle Animation
Run Animation
Attack Animation
Flail3 Animation
Death Animation
Shrapnel Animation
Assassinate Animation

1 Uses one animation for both run and run aggressive animations, override the two defaults.
2 Requires at least 300 attack speed.
3 Used during forced movement events like Toss or Force Staff icon.png Force Staff.


  • This gem was originally used to grant custom animations to Muh Keen Gun, but the animations were later added to item itself due to clipping issues.