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Keen Gaming
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Team Information
Manager(s):Wu "Fyms" Junying
Prizemoney:$40,000 USD

On September 10th, 2017, EHOME announced that their youth-training squad EHOME.Keen and EHOME.Luminous had left the organization to establish a separate brand called Keen Gaming.[1]


  • September 10th - The squad is formed with the former roster of EHOME.Keen.[1]

  • January - zhizhizhi leaves for Team Serenity.
  • January 24th - Ms and yoona join from their sister squad Luminous.[2][3]
  • January 25th - Rong leaves for Team MAX.[2]
  • February 27th - old chicken joins from EHOME.[3]
  • April 8th - old chicken returns to EHOME. rejoins.[4]
  • April 24th - Mevius is promoted to the main squad, replacing Ms.[5]
  • August 9th - Mevius joins Newbee Young.[6]
  • September 10th - sss, eLeVeN (on loan from EHOME) and Kaka join the team. dark turns to support position. yoona leaves for Team EVER. 天命 leaves.[7]
  • September 19th - asks for 23 days off due to health problem. old chicken stands-in (on loan from EHOME).[8]
  • October 7th - eLeVeN is having a short vacation until Oct 11th. will be back on the same day. old chicken will play as in the carry position. sss moves to Keen Gaming.Luminous squad. Erica and Fyms stand-in until Oct 11th.[9]

  • September 5th - Mushi joins.[10]
  • September 14th - Kamma joins the team, 天命 returns from his loan, and LaNm joins as the team's new coach. kaka leaves, while old chicken and eLeVeN return to EHOME as their loan expires.[11]
  • October 14th - xiaofu joins the team as a support player. With this change, 天命 moves to position 5 and Mushi takes a break.[12]

  • January 12th - LaNm leaves to join Team Sirius.[13]
  • January 16th - 71 joins to coach the team.[14]
  • February 11th - xiaofu moves to Keen Gaming.Luminous. mianmian joins on trial.[15]
  • April 2nd - A new roster is announced; Kamma takes a break, dark decides to retire for physical reasons, 天命 leaves the team and Erica is promoted from Keen Gaming.Luminous. 生死 joins on loan from Aster.Aries while Yds. and ah fu join the team from Team Serenity and Revive respectively.[16]
  • April 24th - , ah fu and coach 71 leave the team while 生死 returns to Aster.Aries. Blood, xiaofu and Fantasy are promoted from Keen Gaming.Luminous.[17]
  • May - The team is disbanded.

  • Achievements[]

    Date Place Event Opponent Winnings
    2017-10-28 A55th - 6th ESL One Hamburg 2017 0 : 2  Team Liquid Team Liquid $40,000

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