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The Keen or Keen Folk are a race of small humanoids inhabiting a wide area of the known world.[1] They are clever and technologically advanced, making up for their physical weakness with science. Most Keen shun the practice of magic, preferring to unlock the powers of nature through rational experimentation.[2]

Physical description[]

Keen are of small stature, almost gnome-like in appearance. Some, the Smallkeen, are even more diminutive than their cousins. Facial hair is common among Keen, with some able to grow a full mustache in just a few days.[3]


The Keen homeland is at least partially bordered by the sea, as Kunkka minimap icon.png Kunkka washed up on Keenish shores after the second battle of the Trembling Isle.[4] Some Keen, including Kardel's people, live in the mountainous valleys of Knollen[5] A branch of highland Keen is also known, although their precise location in unclear.[6] Augury Bay was likely also populated by Keen, especially Smallkeen.

The Frosted Winds Tribe may be comprised of Keen. Their location is unknown, but is probably northern.[7]

Prior to its destruction, a Keen laboratory was located at the Violet Plateau, along with the Violet Archives.[8]


Keen culture revolves around science and firearms. When a Keen father dies, his gun is passed down to his son.[9] The Keen of Knollen hunt steepstalkers with their rifles, both for sport and for ritual.[5] Among the highland Keen, each person is expected to design and construct their own rifle.[10]

Keen clothing is functional, with every piece designed to hold ammunition.[11] Camouflage is often worn by riflemen, to distort the wearer's profile.[6]

Cigar smoking is known among the Keen.[12]

Some Keen host midsummer carnivals, where games and tickets can be played and won.[13]


The Keen nation possess an advanced military that has fought through wars, upheaval, riots, and revolutions. One known member is Aurel, the Gyrocopter minimap icon.png Gyrocopter.[14]


The Keen navy appears to be commanded by Kunkka, after he washed up on Keen shores. The Keen hold Kunkka in high regard, giving him the keys to the gates of the Keen capital,[15] and forging him a new sword.[16] Keen sailors also man Kunkka's new fleet.[17]

Relations with other races[]

Oglodi are often hostile to Keen, regarding them as small and physically weak. The Keen of Knollen are known to shoot at trolls, and trolls like Jah'rakal openly despises Keen.

Keen Technology[]

The Keen have developed many forms of technology.

  • Firearms
  • Rockets
  • Lasers
  • Plasma weaponry
  • Incandescent lighting[18]
  • Exoskeletons[19]
  • Mortars[20]
  • Gas masks[21]
  • Radios[22]
  • Drones
  • Steam power[23]
  • Parachutes[24]
  • Power Cogs
  • Psionic enhancers[25]
  • Telescopic goggles.[26]
  • Dimensional portals[27]
  • Shrapnel
  • Gasoline[28]
  • Electricity, including the Tesla Coil, although some initially believed the power should be left alone.[29]
  • Chymistry
  • Alchemy

List of Keen[]


The Smallkeen are a branch of Keen even smaller than their brethren.[30]


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