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Heroes Davion of Dragon Hold Dragon Knight minimap icon.png Davion
Crystal Maiden minimap icon.png Crystal Maiden
Terrorblade minimap icon.png Terrorblade
Races Human
Factions Dragon Knights
Places Dragon Hold
Gods Slyrak
Characters Bram
Kaden's Captain

Kaden is a Dragon Knight, a member of the dragon slayers who hail from Dragonhold. He earned his status as the most powerful Dragon Knight by killing one of each type of Dragon of which there are eight in total.[1][2]


In his adulthood, Kaden was a young Dragon Knight who lacked any brooding qualities. He rode to the city of Leathsham with a band of twenty nine Dragon Knights from different races, in response to the reports of wyrmling sightings around the city walls. Fearing that the presence of wyrmlings might mean that an adult dragon lives around the area, they decided not to take any chances with a fight against it, knowing that they stand no chance against one with their numbers and strength. During the night, the knights had their R&R; drinking spirits around the campfire as Kaden met a potential lover, writing down his experiences in his journal.

All of a sudden, the city was engulfed in fire that brightened even the night sky itself. The knights rode into the city to hunt for the source of the attack, where they found the fearsome Slyrak standing among the burning ruins of the city. Slyrak opened his mouth and unleashed another round of his fiery breath, which was promptly blocked by a magical shield held by Kaden's captain and teacher. However, the barrier wasn't enough to shield his team from the flames and the fire broke through before it incinerated everyone in its path, save for Kaden.

Alone in the rubble, he found the charred remains of the captain's upper torso reaching out to him. Traumatized, he rode out of the dragon razed city of Leathsham by himself, swearing vengeance against the crimson dragon that evaporated all that was dear to him.

20 years later, Kaden has risen amongst the ranks of Dragonhold as a powerful but brooding Dragon Knight; still haunted by his firsthand experience with an Eldwurm. His experience with dragons earned him his extensive knowledge on their species. Such knowledge has granted him the skill and confidence to fight against fully grown dragons (which would normally require a large army to defeat) as well as slay every type of dragon, including the dangerous void and chaos types.


According to Wren, Kaden speaks highly of Davion.[3] The feeling is reciprocated by Davion, who feels that he is proud of his accomplishments.

Even after twenty years, Kaden holds a grudge against Slyrak for murdering his friends. He seeks nothing but his destruction, not knowing that his life is essential to the existence of the universe. Even if someone's life is literally barring the way to Slyrak, he will not hesitate to harm them just to force Slyrak out of "hiding". Still, he is very careful with that person, especially if it's someone that he's familiar with.


Kaden wears a powerful set of plated armor made from the remains of each dragon that he has slain. The armor allows him to channel the elemental powers of each dragon that he has slain as well as utilize their stolen physical strength.[4]

  • The boots are imbued with an air dragon's ability to generate propulsive wind blasts. These wind blasts can be amplify his speed, change his flight trajectory in mid-flight, and allow him to gain temporary flight.
  • The gauntlets bear the strength of an earth dragon that allows it to displace tons of rock to burrow chasms under the earth, using the same strength to enhance Kaden's attacks. These gauntlets are also used to channel the electricity of ionic dragons, adding a shocking effect to his strikes.
  • Flowing through his dark cuirass is the power of a chaos dragon; allowing him to phase out of reality, create bubble shields, and teleport short distances. The same power is used to summon his helmet out of thin air, presumably kept away in an extradimensional space.[5]

He wields a blade that is aptly named as Kaden's Blade, a massive sword that deals extra damage to bigger opponents. Judging by the area near its hilt, it is forged from the remains of a void dragon. It contains a dormant power that can be activated to cause the sword to strike opponents with equivalent mass, meaning that he can hit any opponent larger than him as though the sword has enough weight and power to knock it down, despite the sheer difference in size and weight between them.[6]


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