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Kaden is the most powerful Dragon Knight. He is the only man who slayed one of each type of Dragon[1][2].

Kaden wears a powerful set of plated armor made from the remains of each dragon that he has slain. [3] The boots are imbued with an air dragon's ability to generate propulsive wind blasts and the gauntlets bear the strength of an earth dragon that allows it to displace tons of rock to burrow chasms under the earth, using the same strength to enhance Kaden's attacks. Flowing through his dark cuirass is the power of a chaos dragon, allowing him to phase out of reality and teleport short distances. The same power is used to summon his helmet out of thin air, presumably kept away in an extradimensional space.[4]

He wields a blade that is aptly named as Kaden's Blade, a massive sword that deals extra damage to bigger opponents. Judging by the area near its hilt, it is forged from the remains of a void dragon. It contains a dormant power that can be activated to cause the sword to strike opponents with equivalent mass, meaning that he can hit any opponent larger than him as though the sword has enough weight and power to knock it down, despite the sheer difference in size and weight between them.[5]


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