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Patch Notes



  • Added click and drag to rotate the Hero Model in the loadout panel.
  • Hero-like units now draw a larger distinct icon on the minimap.
  • Team Names now show up on the recent games panel.
  • Added an "Inspect Hero" option to the right-click menu for player names in the scoreboard. This will show what items they have equipped.
  • Buying Aghanim's Scepter now upgrades the ability tooltip with the new information. If you find anything missing or incorrect, please report it to the tooltip forum.
  • The store/inventory Aghanim's Scepter tooltip will now show a preview of what it does for your hero.
  • Fixed glitchiness in the End Game cinematic camera.


  • Added an edit mode to the in-game full deck layout.
  • Added a concept of selection to the Grid View, and used it to implement a pick button.
  • Added the ability to import and export custom full deck layouts
  • Leaving the loadout will return you to Grid View if you were in it.
  • Fixed a bug where you could not see the right hero in your loadout after you picked.
  • Fixed legacy mode heroes being sorted differently than the learn tab/Dota 1.
  • Legacy full deck cards are now simply the portrait, without the card treatment.
  • Added Back to Browsing & Back to Loadout buttons. After you pick, you can now return to browsing to suggest / learn heroes.
  • Fixed suggest button not being visible in grid view, and implemented suggestion there.
  • Fixed grid view selection outline not updating when you clicked on a suggested hero.
  • No longer force the selector to switch to the turntable if you're at grid view and want to select a hero for any reason.
  • Having no heroes matching the filters/search bar no longer kicks you out of grid view, instead showing you the same "No Heroes" message box as turntable mode.
  • Fixed the grid view crashing if there were no matching heroes.
  • Fixed the "No Heroes" message not being centered in widescreen.


  • Added Chaos Knight bot.
  • Made bots more likely to unify around a Roshan attempt.
  • Added bot role/laning info for all heroes, which should make for better hero and lane picks.
  • On Easy and Easier, bots will no longer consider whether a target is currently slowed when determining whether to slow/stun.
  • Bots are now more likely to push late-game when they are feeling indecisive.
  • Updated Earthshaker minimap icon.png Earthshaker's texture.
  • Updated Phantom Assassin minimap icon.png Phantom Assassin's hero icon to reflect her texture changes.