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Patch Notes

  • Temporarily disabled Morphling.
  • Enabled Weaver (model and effects are work-in-progress).
  • Updated Slardar weapon
  • Completed Drow model, textures and icons.
  • Temporarily, flying couriers are provided to both teams to encourage their testing.
  • Fixed Tidebringer sound playing on denies.
  • Fixed being able to hear the enemy team's rune pickup sound.
  • Fixed bug that could result in invisible Lina and Skeleton Kings.
  • Fixed rune spawn time back to every 2 minutes.
  • Added backdoor protection to the appropriate towers and structures.
  • Fixed a bug where quickly switching between control groups could trigger the "double tap center" detection. Now you need to select the same unit both times to center on it.
  • Aegis of the Immortal and Rapier can no longer be destroyed by attacking them.
  • Aegis drops directly under Roshan now.
  • The chat window will no longer break when people use less than/greater than symbols.
  • Items with stacks will now pro-rate their sell prices based on the current number of stacks.
  • Stack-based sell prices are now updated correctly on the client.
  • When adding stacks to an existing item, the sellback timer is now set to the oldest of any of the combining stacks.
  • When combining an item, the sellback timer is now set to the oldest of any of the components.
  • Certain item purchases will now be announced to your entire team.
  • Fixed cast point issues with Shadow Shaman, Lion and Tinker.
  • Fixed being able to see the status of enemies' abilities.
  • Fixed partially-shareable items (like bottle) to be usable by units other than the one that purchased the item.
  • Fixed Razor's Plasma Field not giving vision.
  • Fixed Pugna aborting his Life Drain if he cast it right at the edge of his cast range.
  • Switched Tidehunter's Anchor Smash ability to a cast version instead of the passive one. (6.72 parity)
  • Added Scepter support for Beastmaster's Primal Roar. (6.72 parity)
  • Changed Beastmaster's Axes to move at a fixed speed regardless of how far they are thrown. (6.72 parity)
  • Faceless Void's Timewalk now affects all units he passes through, not just a radius at his destination. (6.72 parity)