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Patch Notes

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The International Compendium 2014



Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Lycan minimap icon Lycan's head disappearing occasionally after death.
  • Fixed Vici Gaming pennant not counting viewers properly.


  • Added portrait entries for all new items added in the patch.
  • Added portrait entries for unreleased TI4 items (Lycan minimap icon Lycan item and new style for Lieutenant Squawkins).
  • Updated portrait for Ring of the Storm.
  • Updated portraits for some expired chests.


  • Updated Ice Blast icon Ice Blast tooltip to clarify that it cannot be purged.
  • Added new Loadout slot (Heroic Statue).
  • Added new store banner strings.
  • Added alternative item style strings.

Dota 2 Store

  • Added new tournament items:
  • Lowered prices of the following items:

Item Drop List

  • Added:
  • Removed:

Item Updates

  • Inactive chests are now tagged as Expired.
  • Keys for expired chests are now automatically converted into chests. The converted chests open automatically.
  • Updated brand content and images for DD, ARS-ART, Solo, YYF, ZSMJ, and NS.

New Items

Treasure of the Silver Storm contains:

Treasure of the Trapper's Pelt contains:

Unreleased Items

  • Added new tournament items: