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Patch Notes

  • Enabled Tinker.
  • If you're accepted into a matchmaking game while spectating another game, it will automatically remove you from spectating.
  • Fixed the Tutorial randomly popping up during non-tutorial games.
  • DOTA TV works on replays now.
  • Fixed first-ability-randomly-firing-off bug that was caused by errant clicks on the action panel (ttocs found a repro /highfive).
  • Fixed Death Prophet's Exorcism spirits not clamping to the ground.
  • Lots of fixes for Illusion, Magic Immunity and Sphere rules.
  • Fixed Soul Ring to give the proper mana even when your mana is full.
  • Implemented Witch Doctor's Ultimate Scepter.
  • Fixed Echo Slam doing 1 less echo to the initial targets.
  • Fixed Corrosive Skin having a bug that caused it to not work properly.
  • Fixed Eye of the Storm hitting fogged/invisible units.
  • Fixed Chain Frost and Paralyzing Cask such that they now bounce correctly when their target unit dies/dodges.
  • Fixed Pugna's Nether Ward not immediately going away when it's destroyed.
  • Fixed suicides displaying the wrong message.
  • A billion (maybe not literally) tweaks to the way the DOTA TV camera tracks units. Should fix most pops and weird camera positions (like when the killer and victim are too far away like with Zuus).