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Patch Notes

  • All Rare and Very Rare items in the Immortal Treasures now use escalating chances whereas previously only the Ultra Rare items operated along that mechanic. Rarity rolls have been backfilled to users who have already opened Immortal Treasure I 2016, and those with successful rolls will find the respective items waiting in their Armory.
    • Escalating Odds: The chances of receiving an item from this treasure improve with each one you open. When you see a drop with the Escalating Icon, your chances of receiving it improve with each corresponding treasure you open. Open more treasures to make your own fate!
  • Added an option for a hotkey to toggle autoattack state (between current and off).
  • Performance optimizations to the Immortal Gardens terrain.
  • The -refresh cheat now refreshes Glyph and Scan.
  • A bug with the Guardian Greaves icon.png Guardian Greaves quest where Level 3 required time was more than Level 1 required time has been fixed.
  • The Tianjin server cluster of Perfect World has been named as "Perfect World Unicom II".
  • Roshan in the Immortal Gardens terrain now has a new custom texture to suit the map.
  • A small up arrow icon has been added to items that have an escalating drop chance.
  • The buyback sounds from The International 2014 Music Pack and the Harmonies of New Bloom Music Pack have been removed.
  • Added dota_toggle_autoattack - console command related to the change mentioned above.