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Source: Update 3

Patch Notes

  • Commendations are now only allowed from within games.
  • Commendation totals are not incremented until the game is finished.
  • Commendation totals are not incremented if the game was less than 10 minutes long.
  • Updated Naga's role values.
  • Fixed Spirits detonating on non-hero units like Spirit Bear.
  • Fixed Song of the Siren affecting Roshan.
  • Fixed Mirror Image's vision not working properly.
  • Fixed Zombies being controllable when their target goes invisible.
  • Fixed illusion item locations not matching the source hero.
  • Increased the buffer range at which illusions will cast a fake Ensnare.
  • Moved the riptide animation from Naga's precast to her cast.
  • Fixed Ensnare getting dispelled if the target becomes Magic Immune after cast.
  • Fixed Ensnare's interaction with Ghost Scepter and Ethereal Blade.