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Patch Notes

  • Added support for patches panel. (Valve now stores the Patch info locally in a txt.)
  • Changed splash to Immortal Treasure III 2017.
  • Practice with Bots now has a Script drop-down.
  • Lobby now has support for either Manual or Automatic (Coin Flip) side selection. (Automatic: Coin toss will be used for the first game in a series and the winning team will have their choice of Side or Pick. Priority switches back and forth for each subsequent game until the final game in an odd-lengthed series where another coin toss is performed.)
  • Players with Matchmaking Restriction will now see the play panel slightly differently.
  • Added additional keybindings for model manipulation in the Model Editor.
  • Added support for Siltbreaker Act II, adding panels and all required backend strings.
  • Added Side Quest support for Siltbreaker Act II.
  • Added more support for Broadcaster Toasts, allowing preview of Toasts and custom Stat-based toasts.
  • Added panel to show how many local players are spectating a match.
  • Added ability to have individual players suffer screen shake.
  • Updated rendering of 3D text in the world.
  • Healing Salve icon Healing Salve has been removed from Beastmaster minimap icon Beastmaster's Starting Items, and replaced with an Iron Branch icon Iron Branch.
  • Hero Selection page is receiving improvements on the backend.
  • Slain players now display a skull and crossbones above their model upon death.
  • Added additional bones for Broodmother minimap icon Broodmother's model.
  • Added additional padding to ability label text, and made the color slightly lighter.
  • Item Tooltips have been restyled.
  • Item tooltips now use HTML
  • Passive and Actives have been separated on items.
  • There are now notes that tell you some extra information about items, such as if ""Stacks diminishingly with other sources of Evasion." , or "Using a Town Portal Scroll or Boots of Travel will not dispel Ethereal Form".
  • Fixed Monkey King minimap icon Monkey King not gaining Magic Stick icon Magic Stick charges while his ultimate is active
  • Fixed Bristleback ability icon Bristleback reflecting damage with the reflection flag (behaves like Fatal Bonds icon Fatal Bonds now)


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