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Patch notes


Wrath of the Mo'rokai

  • Added a 100 point reward for losses.
  • Increased the point reward for winning to 300 from 250 (the total for winning with a bonus token is unchanged).
  • Jungle Map and Weather effects are no longer automatically applied
  • Each team now has two guaranteed bans.
  • Increased experience, gold and essence gain by 30%.
  • Wagering and Tipping have been added.
  • Updated the Mo'rokai Event page in the dashboard.
  • Penalties are now being assessed for abandons, and games should now be correctly marked as safe to leave when appropriate.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented wins from applying towards Jungle Expedition and Daily/Weekly Quest progress.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to not be assigned a hero if they were disconnected during the hero pick phase.
  • Fixed a bug that caused bonus tokens not awarding the correct number of additional points. Players are being granted 1000 points for each bonus token consumed, up to that users point cap for the week in which it was consumed.
  • Roshan now drops 26 gems (20->26)
  • Buildings now drop 13 gems (10->13)
  • The Mo'rokai's bounty is changed from 180/200 (min/max) to 52/65
  • Bonus gem per minute increased from 0.25 -> 0.325
  • Number of gems dropped per hit on pinatas has been increased, bit hard to explain the formula in text.
  • Changed how dropped Mo'rokai gold bags work. They now increase from 11->18->25 when the Mo'rokai reaches levels 0/9/17. The gold is given when it is picked up rather than walked on
  • Chance for multicast from storm ability tree increased from 15% to 25% and a cooldown of 14 seconds added, with the max of additional casts staying at one (I might be misreading this).
  • Volcano fire strike passive now has a 0 second cooldown.
  • Hero gold and experience now have a 1.3x multiplier.