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Patch Notes

  • The Invites Page has been enabled in the Battle Pass.
  • The answers for the Prediction Qualifiers have been updated on the backend.
  • Expiry dates of the Winter Player Card / Pack / Dust have been changed from Jan 1, 2018 to July 5, 2017.
  • All Hero Pages now have an expand button at the bottom right. Pressing this button will expand the view of the hero so you can take screenshots.
  • Hero category label is now centered with the line on the Hero page.
  • The previous Battle Pass summary tabs now have the dates during which the Battle Pass ran.
  • Fixed a small bug on the settings tab.
  • Kunkka & Tidehunter Announcer Pack Bounty Rune and Arcane Rune lines now have a small re-speak delay.
  • Updated the particles of the Sullen Harvest Immortal for Necrophos to improve performance.
  • Updated the teleport particle to remove an unused "label" particle.
  • Buying Courier in the Strategy Phase will now add it to your backpack and create it when you boot in-game.
  • cl_log_ticks has been defaulted to 0. This should prevent the console spamming the log in some cases - like with the new Necrophos Immortal.
  • Added net_showdrop <0/1> - Show dropped packets in console
  • Added tv_instant_replay_full_frame_build_threaded - Build the full frames on a separate job thread
  • Updated localization files Siltbreaker - Act I.