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Patch Notes

Update 1


  • Bloodseeker minimap icon Bloodseeker
    • Fixed Blood Bath icon Blood Bath not properly granting a heal from enemy heroes dying in an AoE.
  • Invoker minimap icon Invoker
  • Luna minimap icon Luna
    • Fixed Eclipse icon Eclipse ending if you get Cycloned.
  • Outworld Destroyer minimap icon Outworld Destroyer
    • Fixed astral indicator to only show for hero and allied team.
  • Rubick minimap icon Rubick
    • Fixed stolen Persuasion not killing stolen creeps when lost.
    • Fixed stolen Relocate icon Relocate not teleporting teammates who are linked with a stolen Tether.
    • Fixed Toggleable spells not being stealable.
    • Fixed not getting flying vision or flying height when stealing Firefly icon Firefly.
    • Fixed Fade Bolt icon Fade Bolt stopping when Rubick dies.
    • Fixed stealing Morph Replicate and Replicate not working correctly.
    • Fixed Invoker's Spell Stolen abilities having broken hotkeys sometimes when using Legacy Mode.
    • Fixed Telekinesis land AoE triggering Linken's Sphere.
  • Io minimap icon Io
    • Fixed Magic Stick interaction with Tether.
    • Overcharge and the two spirit control sub abilities no longer proc magic stick.
    • Spirits no longer don't retain their vision after they explode.
    • Fixed Relocate's return not interrupting other channeling spells (like TP Scroll).
    • Fixed heroes continuing old movement orders after returning with Relocate.
    • Fixed Soul Ring not working with Tether.
  • Warlock minimap icon Warlock
    • Fixed the burn aura from Warlock Golems so it stacks correctly.
  • Small fix to creep aggro reaction time.


  • Fixes for guardian spirits rendering with pops and such when entering/leaving FoW.
  • Added 'Telekinesis Land' effect marker for Rubick.
  • The game now desaturates when paused.
  • Fixed Wisp voice lipsync getting stuck on with random noise.
  • Fixed ranged display stomping on ambient effects, including Wisp.
  • Fixed Unusual Flying Couriers losing some of their effects when transitioning.
  • Fixed Tether being left behind when enemy teleported into FoW.
  • Changed Guardian Wisp Explosion Effects.
  • Added more obvious Wisp Tether Boundary Effect.


  • When someone buys back, an icon now shows on the top bar for 5 seconds.
  • Tether now shows the amount that it heals its target.
  • Wisp spirits no longer show up on the minimap.
  • Wisp and his tethered unit move their camera when they Relocate and Relocate back.
  • Right clicking an upgradable item in the shop will attempt to upgrade any (fully combined) version of that item that the player already owns. (Right click on Necro 1 will actually buy a Necro recipe if the player has a Necro 1 or 2, etc)
  • Fixed shop closing when other players' selections change
  • We now show the Aghanim upgrade info in the ability itself if you're holding the scepter.


  • The Relocate sound stops correctly now.


  • Fixed a bug were all bots would disable themselves if a human on the other team disconnected before picking a hero.
  • Changed how bots use Glyph, they should no longer use it when their buildings aren't being attacked.
  • Made Crystal Maiden bot even more timid.
  • Bots will temporarily no longer do Roshan.
  • Made bots go to the lane front when defending in-base rather than cowering behind the innermost towers.
  • Fixed bug where bots weren't correctly parsing their roles, which would lead to bad hero picking/randoming.
  • Fixed case were bots could "cheat" and have knowledge of where their target was when blinking.


Update 2

  • Fixed Undying's base armor.
  • Fixed Tombstone HP regeneration.
  • Fixed Wisp portrait movie not drawing.
  • Fixed Thunder Strike not continuing to in the area where its target dies.
  • Fixed Thunder Strike dispellability.
  • Fixed Glimpse dispellability.
  • Fixed crash when showcasing Alchemist.
  • Fixed Tombstone not clearing the trees before spawning at the targeted point.
  • Fixed Tombstone not spawning zombies around Magic Immune units
  • Fixed Tombstone affecting units in Fog of War.
  • Fixed Tombstone being selectable as a controllable unit.
  • Fixed Tombstone not properly upgrading on the first interal.
  • Fixed zombies being controllable after Berserker's Call ends.
  • Fixed zombies not always getting hasted as the target gets low health.
  • Relocate now provides vision to the target area for both teams along with an ally teleport effect for his team and an enemy teleport effect for his enemies.
  • Fixed being able to target Soul Rip on wards.
  • Fixed Soul Rip not doing HP removal to nearby units
  • Fixed Acid Spray affecting zombies.

Update 3

  • Fixed Decay not damaging illusions
  • Fixed Zombie armor type
  • We now destroying trees every time we cancel motion from tether to prevent wisp from getting stuck.
  • Added a check for the ability to block creep spawns. Now the spirits should correctly provide vision and not block creep spawns.
  • Fixed issue that would cause map locations to be increasingly marked as impassable for bots when timed out on long pathfinds.
  • Re-enabled bots doing Roshan.