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Patch Notes

  • Fixed Fire Spirits icon Fire Spirits damage values not being updated properly.
  • Fixed the +7 armor talent only granting +6 armor. [?]
  • Fixed tooltip issues on Nature's Call icon Nature's Call, Wrath of Nature icon Wrath of Nature and Berserker's Blood icon Berserker's Blood.
  • Dark Seer minimap icon Dark Seer level 25 left talent: 400 AoE Surge icon Surge reduced to 320 AoE.
  • Dark Seer minimap icon Dark Seer level 25 right talent: Increased parallel Wall of Replica icon Wall of Replica distance from 480 to 600.
  • Enabled Devour icon Devour in Ability Draft
    • When devouring neutral creeps, it only acquires the passive abilities of them, in the form of status buffs. Rearm icon Rearm does not reset Devour's cooldown.
  • Updated Shard Split (Mud Golem) icon Shard Split to work for every hero, rather than just Doom minimap icon Doom.
    • The created units now use the same model as the hero it is based on.
    • The created units now have dynamic names, based on the hero they are based on.
    • The created units now have rock texture applied on them.
  • Updated creep pull timings to the neutral creep camp changes.


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