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Patch Notes


  • New Hero: Chen
  • Axe - Berserker's Call now works on ethereal units.
  • Bloodseeker - Fixed Blood Bath to not proc against Roshan.
  • Crystal Maiden - Fixed Brilliance Aura not affecting regular units.
  • Crystal Maiden - Fixed Freezing Field to favor splash locations near her.
  • Drow Ranger - Silence will no longer apply to creeps.
  • Earthshaker - Units that are not visible will not take damage from Echo Slam projectiles.
  • Lich - Adjusted Chainfrost bounce speed.
  • Lich - Units sacrificed via Dark Ritual won't give deny XP to enemies.
  • Lich - Dark Ritual now displays mana restored.
  • Lion - Mana Drain is now eaten by Sphere and it will cancel the channel.
  • Lion - Mana Drain now ticks once per second over 4 seconds.
  • Lion - Mana Drain is now not purgeable.
  • Lion - Finger of Death damage is now delayed by 0.25 seconds.
  • Lina - Fixed her abilities affecting Ancient creeps.
  • Night Stalker - Fixed his model going into reference pose if the time of day transitioned while he was dead.
  • Puck - Fixed Phase Shift autocast not interrupting other actions (ie. continuing to move while shifted).
  • Pudge - Fixed Rot toggling to not proc Magic Stick/Wand charges.
  • Pugna - Nether Blast now does only 33% of the full damage to structures.
  • Pugna - Decrepify is now eaten by Sphere.
  • Pugna - Nether Ward doesn't affect creeps.
  • Pugna - Nether Ward's zap is now eaten by Sphere.
  • Pugna - Nether Ward's aura is not purgeable.
  • Pugna - Life Drain is now eaten by Sphere and it will cancel the channel.
  • Pugna - Life Drain is not purgeable.
  • Pugna - Life Drain will heal for remaining health an illusion has before killing it.
  • Rattletrap - Fixed Roshan & Ancients getting pushed back from cogs.
  • Rattletrap - Fixed Roshan & Ancients getting hit by battery assault.
  • Rattletrap - Fixed Hookshot not going to cycloned units.
  • Rattletrap - Fixed Battery Assault hitting invis units.
  • Rattletrap - Fixed gold not appearing when you kill something in the fog with rocket flare.
  • Razor - Fixed a bug where a stray health bar and "no-selection-boxes" icon were drawing whenever Plasma Field was used.
  • Sand King - Fixed Caustic Finale working on magic immune units like Rhasta Wards.
  • Sand King - Fixed Caustic Finale buffs being created by illusions.
  • Skeleton King - Fixed Reincarnate to trigger first if he also has Aegis.
  • Tiny - Fixed Avalanche to do 4 ticks rather than 7.
  • Tiny - Fixed Avalanche to stun for exactly 1 second regardless of when you first were hit by it.
  • Vengeful Spirit - Fixed Netherswap not getting blocked by Sphere.
  • Vengeful Spirit - Fixed Roshan/Ancients getting Netherswapped.
  • Vengeful Spirit - Fixed Command Aura not affecting Siege units.
  • Vengeful Spirit - Fixed Wave of Terror reveal AoE being slightly lagged.
  • Vengeful Spirit - Fixed Wave of Terror speed being lower than it should.
  • Venomancer - Fixed Venomous Gale hitting invisible units.
  • Venomancer - Fixed Poison Nova hitting invisible units.
  • Fixed Doom Bringer so that when he devours a creep with no abilities, it does not clear his previously-acquired creep abilities.


  • Fixed Divine Rapier not dropping on death when it is muted.
  • Fixed Orb of Venom proccing on buildings.
  • Fixed broken Orb of Venom modifier tooltip.
  • Fixed Diffusal Blade to not draw a Mana Burn effect on attacks done by ranged illusions.
  • Fixed order of operations on Pipe damage absorption.


  • Disabled silence overhead effect showing up on lane creeps.
  • Fixed Neutral Creeps still casting their abilities when player controlled.
  • Fixed hearing item pickups through the FOW.
  • Fixed Ogre Magi's Frost Armor from proccing Magic Stick/Wand charges.
  • Fixed Ogre Magi casting Frost Armor on neighboring creep camps.
  • Fixed Forest Troll High Priest's Heal to not proc Magic Stick/Wand charges.
  • Fixed courier not working for players that connect after the courier have spawned or have been upgraded.
  • Fixed projectile dodging to happen when your invisibility fade time finishes.
  • Fixed projectile dodging from invisibility to only happen if you successfully go invisible (you do not dodge if the enemy team has truesight of you).
  • Fixed Flying Donkey Portraits.
  • Moved Flying Courier ability positions to match the regular courier.
  • Fixed being Hexed and Doomed to disable blocking, lifestealing, critting, cleaving, evading, bashing, truesighting, and radiancing.
  • Fixed bottles with runes in them to correctly be partially shareable (that is, usable but not sellable).
  • Fixed Stuns being purgeable (will still dispel with Kraken shell though).
  • Fixed camera popping if you dragged off the bottom of the viewport.
  • Fixed players with auto buy on stealing gold from other players!
  • Pain VO is now only played if the attacker is a player controlled unit.
  • Illusions won't trigger pain VO anymore.
  • Towers won't trigger VO anymore.
  • Fixed entity picker code picking a random entity currently in the view if the mouse went outside the viewport bounds.
  • Fixed structure backdoor code kicking in when trying to deny.
  • Made projectile entities not draw on the minimap by default.
  • Changed how force attack targets work (Axe's Berserker's Call) so the force attack target persists even if the called unit cannot currently attack Axe.
  • Made going invisible inherently do a projectile dodge.
  • You should no longer be able to see the status of enemies' abilities.
  • Fixed -nocreepspawns to include neutrals.
  • Fixed -refresh to refresh the cooldowns and mana of all heroes you can control, not just your selected hero.
  • Runes are no longer visible through the FoW for one frame when they spawn.
  • Fixed a bug where, if you had auto attack turned on, you could auto-attack while fading out from an invisibility ability, causing you to immediately break your invisibility.
  • Tons of network optimization work.
  • Fixed a bug where with auto-attack on you could break your own invisibility such as with Weaver or Invis sword.


  • Radiant specularity material pass - ongoing
  • Radiant base detailing, still need to polish foliage
  • Radiant building magic polished - ongoing
  • Radiant lighting adjustments
  • FoW color tint added
  • Inexpensive water reworked
  • Neutral creep camp prop placement and walkable area adjusted


  • Fixed DOTA TV Director missing hero deaths if they happened too close to each other.
  • Fixed DOTA TV Director camera getting too far away from its target.
  • Fixed Player Perspective View not aligning itself to the terrain properly.