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Patch notes


  • Fixed Earthshaker's Fissure not immediately pushing out mechanical units (sieges).
  • Fixed cases where Earthshaker's Fissure would not properly place the hit unit in clear space.
  • 6.71 Parity Update
  • Fixed Ethereal Blade doing its damage before the magic amplification is applied
  • Fixed action panel flashing.
  • Tweaked the client side attack timer to prevent double projectiles spawning.
  • Fixed a bug with map trees not blocking vision when they grow back. This was introduced by my recent separation of trees into map trees and temporary trees.
  • Fixed Slardar's Amp Damage not fully revealing an invisible unit.
  • Fixed heart not proccing its cooldown when hit by Roshan.
  • Fixed thinkers not showing up over SRCTV
  • Fixed Cleave working when you attack towers.
  • Fixed Light Strike Array not killing trees
  • Fixed Counter Helix triggering off of tower attacks
  • Fixed Storm's Overload using up charges against towers
  • Fixed Slithereen Crush taking too long to cast
  • Fixed Frostbite visual effect appearing on the target even if the spell was blocked
  • Added 10 second creep duration exception for Frostbite
  • Fixed Anchor Smash against buildings
  • Fixed Phase Boots bonus damage being 16 instead of 24
  • Fixed Shiva's Guard effect not following the hero.
  • Fixed incorrect mana cost on Meat Hook
  • Fixed Tidebringer on towers
  • Fixed server crash.