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Patch Notes

  • Added the Overwatch feedback system.
    • Players can now review reports and judge each case guilty or not guilty.
    • Eligible players will occasionally be notified below their profile pictures that they have the option to review a case.
    • If a player chooses to review a case, they’ll watch a replay with pre-marked sections indicating possible negative behavior by a specific player.
    • Reviewers will earn an accuracy score for their efforts, and those who falsely convict will receive a lower score, eventually losing the ability to participate in Overwatch at all.
  • Reports can now be made directly in a match via the scoreboard, or by selecting a player and clicking the flag on their hero portrait.
    • Placing markers in the match will indicate to future reviewers where to look for negative behavior, and you can report the same player as many times as needed — meaning the more reports you file that are accurate, the more evidence the reviewers will have to make a case.
    • layers now have a distinct pool of reports for Overwatch separate from communication reports. Reporting a player for Overwatch consumes one Overwatch report regardless of how many times you report that player in the game. As before, communication reports are still issued at the end of the game.
  • Cmmunication bans will now mute deserving players by default. As a result, other players can choose for themselves whether to unmute a chat-banned teammate or not. When a chat-banned player uses communications during a match, they’ll receive a reminder of their status in the chat window.
  • Updated localization files.

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