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Patch Notes


  • Fixed server crash when using Necronomicon rank 1.
  • Quelling Blade and Gem are no longer sellable.
  • Fixed items not giving the full refund price when sold within 10 seconds of purchase.
  • Fixed Sentry Wards not revealing Observer Wards.
  • Fixed Vladmir's aura working on ranged units.
  • Pudge's hook now interrupts the hooked unit.
  • You can no longer blink while rooted.
  • Fixed teleports to actually teleport (they were previously interpolated).
  • Fixed cases where you couldn't self-cast when magic immune.
  • Fixed Dust of Appearance debuff not showing up.


  • Did 6.70 parity pass (minus the new heroes).
  • Hero picker countdown has increased by 2 minutes.
  • You can now click selected heroes at the top of the hero picker to see their details.
  • Brand new Shop UI revision.
  • Unit query has been changed to just be single left click.
  • Hero tooltip on mouseover is now displayed over their head.
  • Player names are now always dispalyed when spectating.
  • Settings button is now a toggle, and ESC-ing out of it will now save your keybinds.
  • Illusions, couriers and wards can no longer be denied.
  • Revised how drag-selection highlights units -- it's now easier to select them. Also, heroes are sorted to the front of the selection.
  • Added particle-based overhead events.
  • Mousing over a shop now shows its range.
  • Enemies are now only prioritized for highlighting when using the selection cursor, not the attack cursor.
  • Units using blink now turn to face the blink direction.
  • Characters with a 0.4 turn rate such as Skeleton King and Earthshaker now turn around faster.


  • You can now spectate in-progress games! Includes a director that manages camera movement for you.
  • Brand new Shop UI.
  • Added neutral creep camp and Roshan markers to the minimap.
  • Enabled Slardar.