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Isle of Masks
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Heroes Juggernaut minimap icon.png Juggernaut
Snapfire minimap icon.png Snapfire
Races Masked Ones
Places Temple of Masks
Ivory Isles
Gods Maker of Masks
Characters Akakiryu
Crex vo Gali
Species Corodonts
Artifacts Visage of Vengeance
Traditions Juggernaut

The Isle of Masks is a location in the world of Dota 2.


Although much can be said about its natives and inhabitants, little is known about the Isle of Masks, other than its fated destruction in a night of vengeful magic.[1] During that night, fires bubbled up from the sea, causing the surrounding waters of the Isle to boil and submerge the Isle beneath the waves.[2]


The Ivory Isles may have been located somewhere near or within this island.

Within the Isle of Masks is one of its places of worship, the Temple of Masks, where the Masked Ones once went on pilgrimages to this place. It was submerged alongside the island it was in, rendering it completely inaccessible. Despite this, its only remaining visitor continues to practice the rituals of his faith without the temple.[3]



Like all of the masked ones, Juggernaut minimap icon.png Juggernaut was conceived and reared in the Isle of Masks. Now that the Isle has been destroyed, he is the only one left to preserve its memory and rich cultures with his presence in the world of the living.

His status as the last of his kind didn't last forever. Unbeknownst to him, his own mask is actually the vessel of the dormant souls of his warrior ancestors, an ancient lineage of revered warriors. In life, they were branded as traitors to the Isle, denied a noble death, and stripped of their honor, similar to their descendant Yurnero.[4] These sleeping souls would soon be reawakened when their vessel was split in half by Sven with the Adjudicator's Blade[5] restoring a small portion of the Masked Ones' presence back to life.[6] Now at one with the being of Yurnero, they seek to reclaim their lost honor[7] and restore the Isle of Masks and its people,[8][9][10] which will all be achieved once their opposing Ancient has been destroyed.[11]


This isle is the homeland of the secluded and now extinct race of the Masked Ones, the heart of this Isle's culture and tradition.


Crex vo Gali, a mysterious entity, eats the grotesques who are fed to him as mulch.[12]

The legendary dragon Akakiryu may have once lived in this island. A sword was named after it and the weapon was awarded to a younger Yurnero long before his exile.[13]


A variety of fauna can be found in this island. The more mundane creatures includes mountain yaks,[14] mountain wolves,[15] dogs with antlers,[16] the high plains ram,[17] wild boars,[18] etc. Besides these rather uninteresting animals, there are several dangerous beasts that might have once lived in the islands. There are demons and great abominations that hunt with an alien intellect[19][20] and a great brave beast with large tusks.[21][22] Corodonts, long extinct beasts with hearts made of ivory, may have lived somewhere in the Ivory Isles.[23]

Dragon spirits exist in this island.[24] The most notable dragon spirit is the one that accompanies Yurnero, who also happens to be one of his many ancestors.[25]


Everything in the isle was drowned beneath the waves, including the Visage of Vengeance.[26]


Snapfire minimap icon.png Snapfire was old enough to have visited this island before it was deluged. She thought that it was a beautiful place, but she also thought that the people there were dumb.[27]


  • Much like its inhabitants, the Isle of Masks was inspired by the lore surrounding the Seguleh people in the "Malazan Book of the Fallen" series of books by Steven Erikson. It was inspired by the Seguleh Island, the homeland of the Seguleh.


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