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Isle of Masks
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Heroes Juggernaut minimap icon.png Juggernaut
Factions Juggernauts
Places Temple of Masks
Ivory Isles
Gods Maker of Masks
Faceless Ones
Characters Akakiryu
Crex vo Gali
Artifacts Visage of Vengeance

The Isle of Masks was likely part of a group of isles, ruled by several lords. It may be near the Ivory Isles. The Isle of Masks sank beneath the waves after a night of vengeful magic, during which fires bubbled up from the sea.[1][2] A sword was forged in these flames.[3]


Yurnero and his people once lived on the Isle. They, including Yurnero's family, died when the Isle sunk into the ocean.[4]

The dragon Akakiryu and the blacksmith Sabasteen may be from the Isle of Masks, as well as the Kuur-Ishiminari.

Crex vo Gali, a mysterious entity that devours "mulch" made of flesh, was also found on the Isle.[5]

Certain parts of the Isle are highlands, and are native to mountain wolves and rams,[6] and other great beasts.[7]


Like its name suggests, its inhabitants wear masks. Warriors also wear kataginu and hakamas.[8][9] The Temple of Masks is likely located on the Isle of Masks, and the Maker of Masks is worshiped there.[10] A boar god is also revered.[11]

Healing magic is practiced on the island as part of its many local rituals.[12] On the Isle, death is said to have many watchful eyes.[13]

The Juggernauts[]

The Isle of Masks has a tradition of ritual and disciplined swordsmanship. Those who embody this tradition are called Juggernauts. The last Juggernaut is Yurnero.[1]


After Yurnero's mask was cracked in half by Sven, the ancient spirits that laid within vowed to restore the Isle of Masks, and bring back its people.[14][15]


  • The Isle of Masks, along with its Juggernaut class, resemble the society of feudal Japan.


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