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Known Bugs


Io has no death sound
When Io dies, it does not emit any death sounds upon exploding. The sound heard currently is a hero response, and therefore only plays when having responses enabled. When disabled, Io's death is completely silent.

Other heroes without a death sound are: Crystal Maiden minimap icon.png Crystal Maiden, Invoker minimap icon.png Invoker, Phoenix minimap icon.png Phoenix, Oracle minimap icon.png Oracle, Outworld Destroyer minimap icon.png Outworld Destroyer, Shadow Fiend minimap icon.png Shadow Fiend, Spectre minimap icon.png Spectre and Terrorblade minimap icon.png Terrorblade
13 July 2017


Tether's sub-spell has only 1 level, causing several issues
Sub-spells usually have the same amount of levels than the spell they belong to. Their level is automatically set equal to the main spell. However, Tether's sub-spell has only 1 level, causing the following issues:
  • ALT-clicking on Tether while its sub-spell is active always shows level 1 as its level in the chat, regardless of which level Tether actually is.
  • Illusions created of Io while Tether's sub-spell is active always have level 1 Tether, regardless of which level Tether is on the main hero.
  • Tether cannot be leveled up while the sub-spell is active, getting the "Ability Is At Max Level" error message, even when Tether is not on level 4 yet.
Other spells with the same issue are Ice Blast, Nightmare, Telekinesis and Song of the Siren.
25 November 2018