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Inscribed Gem
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Gem / Rune 3002
Rarity: Rare

Adding this gem to an item will enable that item to track stats.
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Inscribed Gems give cosmetic items a counter to track a variety of in-game stats. Adding an Inscribed Gem to an item will display the tracked stats in the item's description, and change the item's Quality to Inscribed. Some gems may interact with items, with higher tracked stats unlocking new styles or visual upgrades. Stat tracking counters on Inscribed Gems can be reset in the Armory through the socketing UI. Inscribed Gems are usually found by opening Treasures, which will yield equipment socketed with gems.

For the purpose of organization, some stat tracking gems that are categorized internally as Inscribed Gems (gem type 3) are not displayed here. These include gems like Foulfell Shards or Dreamer's Gem. A listing of these miscellaneous gems can be found on the Gem page. Stat tracking Runes that come with Arcana items are listed here under the corresponding Heroes.

Universal Gems[]

  • These gems are not specific to any Hero.
  • Asterisks (*) indicate an unreleased gem.
Gem Tracked Stat
Inscribed Kills: Kills
Inscribed Kill Assists: Assists
Inscribed Victories: Victories
Inscribed Games Played: Games played
Inscribed First Bloods: First Bloods
Inscribed Godlike Sprees: Godlike sprees
Inscribed Gold Earned: Gold earned
Inscribed Gold Spent: Gold spent
Inscribed Buildings Destroyed: Buildings destroyed
Inscribed Barracks Destroyed: Barracks destroyed
Inscribed Towers Destroyed: Towers destroyed
Inscribed Roshan Kills: Roshan kills
Inscribed Heroes Revealed with Dust: Heroes revealed with Dust of Appearance icon.png Dust of Appearance
Inscribed Couriers Purchased: Couriers purchased
Inscribed Wards Purchased: Wards purchased
Inscribed Wards Placed: Wards placed
*Inscribed Rune Spawns Spotted: Runes taken
*Inscribed Killing Sprees: Killing sprees

Prediction Gems[]

Gem Tracked Stat Tradeable
Victory Prediction Gem Consecutive wins predicted with Assured Victory Shout No
Inscribed Successful Predictions: Successful predictions with a Charm No
Inscribed Failed Predictions: Failed predictions with a Charm No

Hero-specific Gems[]

  • These gems can only track stats unique to each hero, based on their abilities.
  • Stats will be tracked if the corresponding ability is used by Rubick minimap icon.png Rubick through Spell Steal.

Abaddon icon.png Abaddon[]

Gem Tracked Stat
Inscribed Mist Coil Kills: Kills with Mist Coil
Inscribed Healed With Mist Coil: Amount of healing done with Mist Coil
Inscribed Aphotic Shield Kills: Kills with Aphotic Shield
Inscribed Borrowed Time Healing: Amount of healing done under Borrowed Time

Axe icon.png Axe[]

Gem Tracked Stat
Inscribed Battle Hunger Kills: Kills with Battle Hunger
Inscribed Near Death Kills: Kills while under 15% HP
Inscribed Call Damage Done: Amount of damage dealt while using Berserker's Call
Inscribed Call Damage Taken: Amount of damage taken while using Berserker's Call
Inscribed Enemies Culled: Kills with Culling Blade

Beastmaster icon.png Beastmaster[]

Gem Tracked Stat
Inscribed Hawks Summoned: Hawks Summoned with Call of the Wild Hawk
Inscribed Boars Summoned: Boars Summoned with Call of the Wild Boar
Inscribed Roar Kill: Kills with Primal Roar
Inscribed Roar Multi-Kills: Multi-kills with Primal Roar

Bloodseeker icon.png Bloodseeker[]

Gem Tracked Stat
Inscribed Rupture Kills: Kills with Rupture

Bounty Hunter icon.png Bounty Hunter[]

Gem Tracked Stat
Inscribed Tracked Invisible Kills: Track kills while invisible
Inscribed Invisible Jinada Strikes:* Jinada strikes while invisible
Inscribed Tracked Bonus Gold: Amount of bonus Track gold earned
Inscribed Tracked Kills: Enemies killed while debuffed by Track

* No longer tracks.

Centaur Warrunner icon.png Centaur Warrunner[]

Gem Tracked Stat
Inscribed Double Edge Kills: Enemies killed with Double Edge
Inscribed Enemies Stomped: Enemies caught with Hoof Stomp
Inscribed Retaliate Kills: Enemies killed by Return

Chaos Knight icon.png Chaos Knight[]

Gem Tracked Stat
Inscribed 4 Second Stuns: 4 second stuns (maximum) with Chaos Bolt

Clockwerk icon.png Clockwerk[]

Gem Tracked Stat
Inscribed Double-Hero Power Cog Traps: Catching two Heroes with Power Cogs
Inscribed Rocket Flare Kills: Kills with Rocket Flare
Inscribed Blind Rocket Flare Kills: Kills with Rocket Flare without vision
Inscribed Blind Hooks: Enemies caught with Hookshot without vision

Crystal Maiden icon.png Crystal Maiden[]

Gem Tracked Stat
Inscribed Frostbitten Enemies: Enemies caught with Frostbite
Inscribed Crystal Novas Cast: Times Crystal Nova cast
Inscribed Freezing Field Kills: Kills with Freezing Field

Death Prophet icon.png Death Prophet[]

Gem Tracked Stat
Inscribed Crypt Swarm Kills: Kills with Crypt Swarm
Inscribed Exorcism Building Kills: Building kills with Exorcism
Inscribed Exorcism Spirits Summoned: Spirits summoned with Exorcism
Inscribed Multi-Hero Silences: Multi-Hero silences with Silence

Disruptor icon.png Disruptor[]

Gem Tracked Stat
Inscribed Thunder Strike Kills: Kills with Thunder Strike
Inscribed Enemies Fountain Glimpsed: Enemies sent back to fountain with Glimpse
Inscribed Heroes Glimpsed: Times Glimpse cast on enemies

Doom icon.png Doom[]

Gem Tracked Stat
Inscribed Creeps Devoured: Creeps consumed with Devour
Inscribed Doomed Enemies: Enemies cursed with Doom

Dragon Knight icon.png Dragon Knight[]

Gem Tracked Stat
Inscribed Dragon Form Kills: Kills while under Elder Dragon Form
Inscribed Breathe Fire Kills: Kills with Breathe Fire
Inscribed Dragon Tail Stuns: Stuns with Dragon Tail
Inscribed Splash Damage Kills: Kills with splash damage under Elder Dragon Form

Drow Ranger icon.png Drow Ranger[]

Gem Tracked Stat
Inscribed Enemies Silenced: Enemies hit with Gust
Inscribed Silenced Kills:* Kills while target is under Gust
Inscribed Frost Arrow Kills: Kills with Frost Arrows

* No longer tracks.

Earth Spirit icon.png Earth Spirit[]

Gem Tracked Stat
Inscribed Smash Stuns: Enemies stunned with Boulder Smash
Inscribed Grip Silences: Enemies silenced with Geomagnetic Grip
Inscribed Speeding Boulders: Number of remnant-enhanced Rolling Boulder

Earthshaker icon.png Earthshaker[]

Gem Tracked Stat
Inscribed Fissure Stuns: Enemies stunned with Fissure
Inscribed Three-Hero Echo Slams: Hitting 3 Heroes with Echo Slam

Elder Titan icon.png Elder Titan[]

Gem Tracked Stat
Inscribed Enemies killed by Astral Spirit: Kills with Astral Spirit
Inscribed Triple-Hero Echo Stomp: Catching 3 Heroes with Echo Stomp
Inscribed Triple-Hero Earth Splitters: Catching 3 Heroes with Earth Splitter

Ember Spirit icon.png Ember Spirit[]

Gem Tracked Stat
Inscribed Enemies Chained: Enemies snared with Searing Chains
Inscribed Multi-Hero Sleight of Fist Kills: Multi-kills with Sleight of Fist
Inscribed Flame Guard Damage Absorbed: Damage absorbed by Flame Guard

Enchantress icon.png Enchantress[]

Gem Tracked Stat
Inscribed Creeps Enchanted: Creeps enchanted with Enchant

Faceless Void icon.png Faceless Void[]

Gem Tracked Stat
Inscribed Multi-Hero Chronospheres: Catching multiple Heroes in Chronosphere
Inscribed Chronosphere Kills: Kills inside Chronosphere

Invoker icon.png Invoker[]

Gem Tracked Stat
Inscribed Sunstrike Kills: Kills with Sun Strike
Inscribed Tornado Kills: Kills with Tornado

Juggernaut icon.png Juggernaut[]

Gem Tracked Stat
Inscribed Blade Fury Damage: Amount of Blade Fury damage
Inscribed Blade Dance Crits: Blade Dance crits
Inscribed Omnislash Jumps: Omnislash jumps
Rune of the Bladeform Legacy* Omnislash kills

* Comes with Bladeform Legacy.

Keeper of the Light icon.png Keeper of the Light[]

Gem Tracked Stat
Inscribed Illuminate Kills: Kills with Illuminate
Inscribed Mana Leak stuns:* Stuns caused by Mana Leak
Inscribed Teammates Recalled: Teammates recalled with Recall

* No longer tracks, ability removed.

Kunkka icon.png Kunkka[]

Gem Tracked Stat
Inscribed Multi-Hero Torrents: Catching 2 Heroes with Torrent
Inscribed Three Hero Ghostships: Hitting 3 Heroes with Ghostship

Legion Commander icon.png Legion Commander[]

Gem Tracked Stat
Inscribed Duels Won: Duels won
Inscribed Duels Lost: Duels lost
Rune of the Duelist Indomitable* Duels won

*Comes with the Blades of Voth Domosh.

Leshrac icon.png Leshrac[]

Gem Tracked Stat
Inscribed Split Earth Stuns: Stuns with Split Earth

Lich icon.png Lich[]

Gem Tracked Stat
Inscribed Ice Armor Casts: Times Ice Armor cast
Inscribed Sacrifices:* Units converted with Sacrifice
Inscribed Chain Frost Bounces: Number of Chain Frost bounces
Inscribed Chain Frost Double Kills: Double Kills with Chain Frost
Inscribed Chain Frost Triple Kills: Triple Kills with Chain Frost

* No longer tracks, ability removed.

Lifestealer icon.png Lifestealer[]

Gem Tracked Stat
Inscribed Kills while Raged: Kills with Rage
Inscribed Enemies killed with Open Wounds: Kills while target is under Open Wounds
Inscribed Enemies killed leaving Infest: Kills when leaving a unit affected by Infest

Lina icon.png Lina[]

Gem Tracked Stat
Inscribed Dragon Slave Kills: Kills with Dragon Slave
Inscribed Light Strike Array Stuns: Stuns with Light Strike Array
Inscribed Laguna Blade Kills: Kills with Laguna Blade

Lion icon.png Lion[]

Gem Tracked Stat
Inscribed Mana Drained: Amount of Mana drained with Mana Drain
Inscribed Finger Kills: Kills with Finger of Death

Luna icon.png Luna[]

Gem Tracked Stat
Inscribed Lucent Beam Kills: Kills with Lucent Beam
Inscribed Eclipse Kills: Kills with Eclipse

Lycan icon.png Lycan[]

Gem Tracked Stat
Inscribed Wolves Summoned: Wolves summoned with Summon Wolves
Inscribed Shapeshifted Kills: Kills while under Shapeshift

Medusa icon.png Medusa[]

Gem Tracked Stat
Inscribed Enemies Petrified: Enemies turned to stone with Stone Gaze
Inscribed Mystic Snake Mana Stolen: Mana stolen with Mystic Snake

Meepo icon.png Meepo[]

Gem Tracked Stat
Inscribed Successful Earthbinds: Catching enemy Heroes with Earthbind

Mirana icon.png Mirana[]

Gem Tracked Stat
Inscribed Maximum Stun Arrows: Maximum time stuns with Sacred Arrow

Morphling icon.png Morphling[]

Gem Tracked Stat
Inscribed Max Adaptive Strike Stuns: Maximum time stuns with Adaptive Strike
Inscribed Max Damage Adaptive Strikes: Maximum damage hits with Adaptive Strike
Inscribed Heroes Replicated: Heroes Replicated
Inscribed Morphs to Replicate:* Times you took the place of your Replicate

* No longer tracks after Version 7.07.

Naga Siren icon.png Naga Siren[]

Gem Tracked Stat
Inscribed Enemies Ensnared: Enemies caught with Ensnare
Inscribed Three Hero Rip Tides: Hitting 3 Heroes with Rip Tide

Nature's Prophet icon.png Nature's Prophet[]

Gem Tracked Stat
Inscribed Trees Created: Trees created with Sprout
Inscribed Treants Created: Treants created with Nature's Call

Ogre Magi icon.png Ogre Magi[]

Gem Tracked Stat
Inscribed 4X Multicast Fireblasts: 4X Multicast Fireblast
Inscribed 4X Multicast Ignites: 4X Multicast Ignite

Omniknight icon.png Omniknight[]

Gem Tracked Stat
Inscribed Purifications: Times Purification cast
Inscribed Allies Graced: Times Heavenly Grace cast
Inscribed Allies Repelled:* Times Repel cast on allies
Inscribed Enemies Repelled:* Times Repel cast on enemies

* No longer tracks, ability removed.

Outworld Destroyer icon.png Outworld Destroyer[]

Gem Tracked Stat
Inscribed Intelligence Stolen:* Amount of intelligence stolen with Arcane Orb

* No longer tracks.

Phantom Assassin icon.png Phantom Assassin[]

Gem Tracked Stat
Inscribed Dagger Crits: Crits with Stifling Dagger
Inscribed Dagger Last Hits: Last hits with Stifling Dagger
Inscribed Phantom Strike Kills: Kills with Phantom Strike
Inscribed Coup de Grace Crits: Crits with Coup de Grace
Rune of the Foreseer's Contract:* Wins with Phantom Assassin icon.png Phantom Assassin

*Comes with Manifold Paradox.

Puck icon.png Puck[]

Gem Tracked Stat
Inscribed Kills with Illusory Orb: Kills with Illusory Orb
Inscribed Triple-Hero Waning Rifts: Hitting 3 Heroes with Waning Rift
Inscribed Triple-Hero Dream Coils: Catching 3 Heroes with Dream Coil

Pudge icon.png Pudge[]

Gem Tracked Stat
Inscribed Enemy Heroes Hooked: Enemy Heroes caught with Meat Hook
Inscribed Unseen Enemies Hooked: Enemies caught with Meat Hook without vision
Inscribed Meat Hook Kills: Kills with Meat Hook
Inscribed Flesh Heap Total: Amount of Flesh Heap stacks
Inscribed Dismember Kills: Kills with Dismember

Riki icon.png Riki[]

Gem Tracked Stat
Inscribed Gem Carriers Killed: Killing a Hero carrying a Gem of True Sight
Inscribed Heroes Killed Inside Smoke: Heroes killed inside Smoke Screen

Rubick icon.png Rubick[]

Gem Tracked Stat
Inscribed Spells Stolen: Abilities stolen with Spell Steal
Inscribed Ultimates Stolen: Ultimate abilities stolen with Spell Steal

Sand King icon.png Sand King[]

Gem Tracked Stat
Inscribed Burrowstrike Stuns: Enemies stunned with Burrowstrike
Inscribed Epicenter Kills: Kills with Epicenter

Shadow Fiend icon.png Shadow Fiend[]

Gem Tracked Stat
Inscribed Three Shadowraze Combo: Hitting a Hero with all 3 distances of Shadowraze in a row
Inscribed Three Shadowraze Combo Kills: Killing a Hero with all 3 distances of Shadowraze in a row
Inscribed Short Shadowraze Kills: Killing a Hero with the shortest range Shadowraze
Inscribed Medium Shadowraze Kills: Killing a Hero with the medium range Shadowraze
Inscribed Long Shadowraze Kills: Killing a Hero with the long range Shadowraze
Inscribed Requiem Multi Kills: Killing multiple Heroes with Requiem of Souls

Shadow Shaman icon.png Shadow Shaman[]

Gem Tracked Stat
Inscribed Hexed Enemies Killed: Enemies killed while under Hex
Inscribed Shackled Enemies Killed: Enemies killed while under Shackles
Inscribed Serpent Wards Summoned: Serpent Wards summoned with Mass Serpent Ward

Skywrath Mage icon.png Skywrath Mage[]

Gem Tracked Stat
Inscribed Ancient Seal Kills: Kills while target is under Ancient Seal
Inscribed Concussive Shot Kills: Kills with Concussive Shot
Inscribed Flare Kills: Kills with Mystic Flare

Slark icon.png Slark[]

Gem Tracked Stat
Inscribed Leashed Enemies: Enemies caught with Pounce
Inscribed Essence Stolen: Amount of stats stolen with Essence Shift
Inscribed Debuffs Purged: Debuffs purged with Dark Pact

Sniper icon.png Sniper[]

Gem Tracked Stat
Inscribed Headshots: Enemies slowed with Headshot
Inscribed Shrapnel Tower Damage:* Damage dealt to buildings with Shrapnel.
Inscribed Assassination Kills: Enemies killed with Assassinate

*No longer tracks any stats after Version 6.83.

Storm Spirit icon.png Storm Spirit[]

Gem Tracked Stat
Inscribed Static Remnant Double Kills: Double Kills with Static Remnant
Inscribed Electric Vortex Kills: Enemies killed while under Electric Vortex
Inscribed Ball Lightning Kills: Enemies killed with Ball Lightning
Inscribed Ball Lightning Damage: Damage dealt with Ball Lightning

Sven icon.png Sven[]

Gem Tracked Stat
Inscribed Multi-Hero Storm Hammers: Hitting multiple Heroes with Storm Hammer
Inscribed Storm Hammered Teleports: Teleports interrupted with Storm Hammer
Inscribed Warcry Assists: Allies buffed with Warcry
Inscribed Multi-Hero Cleave Kills: Killing multiple Heroes with Great Cleave

Techies icon.png Techies[]

Gem Tracked Stat
Inscribed Proximity Mine Kills: Enemy Heroes killed with Proximity Mines
Inscribed Stasis Trap Stuns: Enemy Heroes stunned with Lua error in Module:Ability_ID at line 61: Could not find Cargo data for "Stasis Trap".
Inscribed Remote Mine Kills: Enemy Heroes killed with Remote Mines
Inscribed Suicide Kills: Enemy Heroes killed with Blast Off!

Templar Assassin icon.png Templar Assassin[]

Gem Tracked Stat
Inscribed Meld Kills: Enemies killed with the bonus damage from Meld
Inscribed Refraction Damage Absorbed: Amount of damage absorbed by Refraction
Inscribed Traps Triggered: Times Psionic Trap is triggered

Tidehunter icon.png Tidehunter[]

Gem Tracked Stat
Inscribed Enemies Gushed: Enemies hit with Gush
Inscribed Quad Ravages: Catching 4 Heroes with Ravage

Tinker icon.png Tinker[]

Gem Tracked Stat
Inscribed Heat-Seeking Missile Double Kills: Double Kills with Heat-Seeking Missile
Inscribed Laser Kills: Kills with Laser
Inscribed Teleports to Base: Number of Teleports to the Fountain
Inscribed Rearms: Times Rearm used

Tusk icon.png Tusk[]

Gem Tracked Stat
Inscribed Snowball Stuns: Enemies stunned with Snowball
Inscribed Walrus Punches: Enemies punched with Walrus PUNCH!

Ursa icon.png Ursa[]

Gem Tracked Stat
Inscribed Multi-Hero Earthshocks: Hitting multiple enemies with Earthshock
Inscribed Earthshocked Enemies Killed: Enemies killed while slowed by Earthshock
Inscribed Kills While Enraged: Enemies killed while using Enrage

Vengeful Spirit icon.png Vengeful Spirit[]

Gem Tracked Stat
Inscribed Enemies Stunned: Enemies stunned with Magic Missile
Inscribed Triple-Hero Wave of Terrors: Hitting 3 Heroes with Wave of Terror
Inscribed Enemies Swapped: Enemies swapped by Nether Swap

Warlock icon.png Warlock[]

Gem Tracked Stat
Inscribed Five-Hero Fatal Bonds: Catching five Heroes with Fatal Bonds
Inscribed Fatal Bond Kills: Kills with Fatal Bonds
Inscribed Golems Summoned: Golems summoned with Chaotic Offering
Inscribed Golem Kills: Enemies Killed with Golems from Chaotic Offering

Windranger icon.png Windranger[]

Gem Tracked Stat
Inscribed Double Shackles: Catching 2 Heroes with Shackleshot
Inscribed Multi-Hero Powershots: Hitting multiple Heroes with Powershot
Inscribed Powershot Kills: Kills with Powershot
Inscribed Focus Fire Buildings Killed: Buildings killed with Focus Fire

Witch Doctor icon.png Witch Doctor[]

Gem Tracked Stat
Inscribed Cask Stuns: Stuns with Paralyzing Cask
Inscribed Multi-Hero Maledicts: Catching multiple Heroes with Maledict
Inscribed Malediction Kills: Kills by Maledict
Inscribed Voodoo Restoration Healing: Amount of healing done with Voodoo Restoration
Inscribed Kills with Death Ward: Kills with Death Ward

Wraith King icon.png Wraith King[]

Gem Tracked Stat
Inscribed Reincarnation Kills: Kills after Reincarnation

Patch history[]

  • Inscribed Shrapnel Tower Damage no longer counts damage done to buildings.
  • Strange quality has been renamed Inscribed.
  • All Strange Modifiers have been converted into Gem Packs.
  • All Strange quality items have been automatically socketed with the corresponding Inscribed gem.

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