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Indrak is the Ionic Eldwurm [1] whose soul supports the universe as one of the eight pillars of creation. Among the four Eldwurms that represent the four fundamental forces, he is the draconic equivalent of Io, the Fundamental of Electromagnetism. Just like the wisp, Indrak and the species that he uses as vessels wield the power of electricity. It is said that he only speaks in objective truth, a trait that is shared among all ionic dragons.[2]


Just like the bite of any other elemental dragon, Indrak and the ionic dragons possess a bite that carries their respective elemental power, electricity. This static power carries on after their death, as even their remains still possesses electrical properties, which Kaden uses to great effect as an electroshock weapon.

Kaden states that ionic dragons cannot lie. What this means is currently unknown.


Like all Eldwurms, Indrak is immortal in a sense that he can reincarnate as long as there is a suitable host body for his soul to take up residence. Upon death, he finds the next oldest dragon of his type (which is the ionic dragons in his case) before filling their soulless body with his own soul.[3][4] The vessels he possesses are not immortal themselves, so they all die naturally like any living creature, but it is said that they have long lifespans and grow stronger in both physical strength and their respective elemental powers as they mature and age rather than wither into weaker dragons.



  • Indrak's name and theme around lightning comes from Indra, the ancient Indian deity of lightning, thunder and rain.


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