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Immortal Gardens
Cosmetic icon Immortal Gardens.png
Terrain 11316
Rarity: Immortal
Slot: Terrain
Created By
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This terrain is awarded to players who own The International 2016 Battle Pass and leveled it to 125.


  • Red petals constantly fall on the map as a built-in weather effect.
    • If a Weather item is equipped, the petals will be replaced.
  • Red banners hang from Greek style columns.
  • The ground is tiled in a fan pattern.
  • The Aegis of Champions is engraved onto the ground in many areas.
  • Fountains are placed across the map.
  • The river is lined with red brick arches.
  • Pottery and other paraphernalia are scattered around creep camps.
  • Dire icon.png Dire structures are covered in ash and surrounded by stone.

Faction Logos[]

  • Unlike other terrains, Immortal Gardens uses the same logo for Radiant icon.png Radiant and Dire icon.png Dire.
Display Radiant icon.png Radiant Dire icon.png Dire
Base Tile Immortal Gardens Preview Logo.png
Banners Immortal Gardens Preview Banner Radiant.png Immortal Gardens Preview Banner Dire.png


Topiary 1 Topiary 2 Topiary 3 Cypress 1 Cypress 2 Cypress 3
Immortal Garden Tree Topiary 1 Preview.png Immortal Garden Tree Topiary 2 Preview.png Immortal Garden Tree Topiary 3 Preview.png Immortal Garden Tree Cypress 1 Preview.png Immortal Garden Tree Cypress 2 Preview.png Immortal Garden Tree Cypress 3 Preview.png
Olive Olive (Dead) Fountain
Immortal Garden Tree Olive Preview.png Immortal Garden Tree Olive (Dead) Preview.png Immortal Garden Tree Fountain Preview.png


Roshan model Immortal Gardens.png


Immortal Garden Eagle Preview.png


Weather Harvest
Weather Moonbeam
Weather Pestilence
Weather Rain
Weather Snow
Weather Sirocco
Weather Aurora
Weather Spring
Weather Ash


  • This item's internal name is Colosseum Map.
  • The custom trees are all species common to the Mediterranean.

Patch History[]

  • Updated Dire icon.png Dire logo textures.
  • More performance optimizations.
  • Fixed the terrain trees showing their mesh through.
  • Optimized performance.
  • Roshan icon.png Roshan in the Immortal Gardens terrain now has a new custom texture to suit the map.