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  • Power Runes
    • Power runes start spawning at the 6:00 minute mark, and then every 2 minutes (8:00, 10:00, 12:00, etc.)
    • They spawn at one of the rune spots within the river, which is randomly chosen.
    • If a Power Rune is not picked up before the next one spawns, it disappears.
    • Power Runes never repeat a rune within a cycle, meaning if a specific rune spawned, it cannot spawn again until all other Power Runes have spawned as well.
    • The same Power Rune cannot spawn twice in a row, meaning the first rune of the next cycle cannot be the same as last rune of the previous cycle.


No Target
Conjures 2 illusions of your hero which deal 35% damage. Melee illusions take 200% damage. Ranged illusions take 300% damage. Illusions last 75 seconds.
Split Time: 0.1
Number of Illusions: 2
Illusions Illusions
Damage Dealt: 35%
Damage Taken (Melee): 200%
Damage Taken (Ranged): 300%
Duration: 75
Modifiers [?]
Illusion skin 1

Illusion Rune illusion as they appear to allies.

  • After the split time, the caster reappears with their illusions.
    • The reappear locations are based on the caster's position upon cast, with one appearing at the cast location, and the others north, east, south, or west from that point.
    • The distance in between each created illusion is 108-distance if the caster's collision size is 27, and 72-distance if its collision size is 18.
    • Though the formation is always the same, the caster and their illusions take a random position in the formation and have all the same facing angle.
    • The illusions have a
      2 × IllusionLVL bounty.
  • Orders the caster to stop after the split time, canceling all queued orders, and orders given during the split time.
    • Also stops all ongoing targeted orders of other units that have been issued before the rune activation.
  • Successive rune activations do not replace the illusions from the previous cast.