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Heroes Crystal Maiden minimap icon.png Crystal Maiden
Tusk minimap icon.png Tusk
Places The Barrier
Northern Sea
Blueheart Glacier
Boiling Sea
Njord's Hearth
Characters Ice Wizard
Species Icewrack Wolf
Cosmetics Icewrack's Fist

Icewrack is a frozen land in the north, sometimes known as the Frozen Waste.[1] It is just south of The Barrier, and borders the Northern Sea or the Boiling Sea.[2] The Blueheart Glacier flows through Icewrack. Njord's Hearth may be in or near Icewrack.


  • The Frostiron Tribe lives at the northern end of Icewrack, near the Northern Sea.
  • Rylai, an unusual child born with the ability to freeze everything in her wake, was sent by her exasperated parents to live in Icewrack, where she become a student of the Ice Wizard. She is able to summon enormous shards of ice from Icewrack, raining them down on her opponents.[3]
  • Tusk is native to the area, and returns to the far north every winter to visit the Frostiron Tribe.
  • A great white wolf spirit once lived in or near Icewrack, whose presence foreshadowed death. Many hunters attempted to kill it, until it was said to have been slain by a talented archer, possibly Traxex.[4]


The peoples of Icewrack may use copper coins as currency.[5] Sapphires are found in the glaciers of Icewrack, and are valued by the artisans of the Frostiron Tribe.[6]

Icewrack is known for a fine type of white wine, which is greatly prized by Donte Panlin and the Nivan Gallants.[7]

There is some evidence that the lands in and around Icewrack are embroiled in conflict.[8]


A particular species of wolf, the Icewrack wolf, can be found in Icewrack.[9] Tusk-foxes also live in the region.[10]


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