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Ice Wizard
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Heroes Crystal Maiden minimap icon.png Crystal Maiden
Places Blueheart Glacier
Boiling Sea
Cosmetics Winter Snowdrop

The Ice Wizard is an elderly hermit, living at the top of the Blueheart Glacier in Icewrack. He was the steward of the realm, and possesses knowledge of potent ice magicks. Rylai, a young girl from the south, was sent to live in Icewrack because her innate ability to freeze everything around her caused great problems for her parents. The Ice Wizard took in Rylai as his pupil, teaching her his craft, and how to control her abilities.

During Rylai's time as his apprentice, the Ice Wizard sent her to the Boiling Sea, where she learned to turn the steam into snowfall. Upon her return, he rewarded her success with a set of new robes.[1] When Rylai had learned all he sought to teach her, the Ice Wizard descended into the Blueheart Glacier to hibernate for a thousand years, leaving Rylai to watch over Icewrack.[2] Before he went, however, he left Rylai a precious staff and robe, believed to have once belonged to a winter deity.[3]


Based on their backgrounds, the Ice Wizard may be the same person as Pierpont, a Sapphire Archon.