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Background Information
Romanized name:Benedict Lim Han Yong
Birthdate:1990-03-06 (age 31)
Country:Singapore Singapore
Team:White Fries Gaming White Fries Gaming
Role:Carry, Offlaner, Captain
Signature heroes:Shadow Fiend icon.png Kunkka icon.png Morphling icon.png
2007 — 2008
2008 — 2009
2009 — 2010
Dota 2:
2011-08-01 — 2011-09-11
2011-09-11 — 2012-03-29
2012-03-29 — 2012-09-18
2014-12-22 — 2015-01-06
2016-03-26 — Present

Benedict Lim "hyhy" Han Yong is a Singaporean professional Dota 2 player who plays for White Fries Gaming White Fries Gaming.

Gaming career[edit]


At the end of 2007, hyhy disbanded his previous team Micronology and was taken in to Zenith.[1] Zenith won the ESWC in 2008 with a strong performance.[2]


Due to inactivity of his Zenith teammates, hyhy joined Kingsurf in September 2008.[3]


In 2009, Kingsurf had its name changed to Aeon.[4] They won the ADC III.[5]


With better sponsorship, hyhy's Aeon switched to Scythe Gaming.[6] However, Scythe failed to qualify for WDC and disappointed in ESTC.


With the departure of Mushi to CCM in China, hyhy was added to the ranks of Nirvana.my to play in the 2010 SMM.[7] However, in the SMM, they only grabbed a 6th placing.[8]

Scythe reformed[edit]

After the disappointing performance in SMM, hyhy decided to leave Nirvana.my.[9] Soon after, hyhy became a part of the Scythe Gaming reform with players such as Koy and YamateH.[10] hyhy won the ADC with Scythe,[11] and also placed second in the IPDC.[12] However, due to Scythe's financial troubles after the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami, YamateH and Koy decided to leave the team.[13] Scythe then spent long periods in inactivity.

With Scythe Gaming invited to Dota 2 The International, hyhy reformed a Singaporean team on short notice, leaving them only a week to practice.[14] Nevertheless, Scythe surprised everyone with a wonderful showing at Germany, beating GGnet, nevo, MYM and EHOME before claiming third.[15]


Hyhy joined MYM along with the rest of the Scythe team and Malaysian superstar YamateH right after the conclusion of The International.[16] Their first appearance was at ESTC and were eliminated in the quarter-finals.[17]

Zenith reformed[edit]

After having an unstable roster in MYM, iceiceice recommended that they reform under the legendary team name, Zenith. Zenith is now up and coming joined by Loda from CLG, showing strong performances in the ProDota2 World League and other LAN and Online events. The team is also invited to the Internationals in 2012.


After leaving Zenith following The International 2012, Hyhy went on a brief hiatus. He later returned to the competitive DotA scene under Malaysian E-Sport Organisation MUFC's DotA division. The team will be playing at The Asia 2012.

League of Legends[edit]

After The Asia 2012, hyhy went on to join the Singapore Sentinels to play in a different MOBA.




  • 1st Place Asian DotA Championship III (2009)


  • 1st Place Asian DotA Championship IV (2011)
  • 2nd Place i-City Pro DotA Tournament (2011)
  • 3rd Place Dota 2 The International (2011)