Hunter of the Red Talon Set

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Hunter of the Red Talon Set
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Rarity: Rare

Since escaping bondage in kingdom of Slom, Beastmaster has always drawn strength from the natural world around him. When other heroes turn to steel or magic, Beastmaster turns to more ancient implements: feathers, leathers, bones and fur. With these primitive tools, he's proven his worth against even the most well-armed knight. This bundle contains all of the items in the 'Hunter of the Red Talon' set for Beastmaster.
Created By
Hunter of the Red Talon Set
Red Talon Axes
Red Talon Belt
Red Talon Bracers
Red Talon Guard
Red Talon Hood

This set was selected as a one of the winning entries in the 2012 Polycount Contest.

Set Items[edit]