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Howling Weald
Associated With
Races Lycans
Factions Bonemeal Ogres
Longclaw Clan
Places Kalabor Desert
Bonemeal Ridge
Silkmire Pass
Temple of Ermacor
Characters Lucius Longclaw
Species Dire Wolves
Items Longclaw's Amulet

The Howling Weald is a forest location in the Dota 2 world.


This place is a fairly mundane forest, but it is an important passageway for those who want to reach the coast beyond the woods to transport their freight for commerce. However, it is very dangerous to traverse because of its fearsome inhabitants that are hostile to outsiders.[1] Because of the prominent presence of lupine predators in the area, it is called the Howling Weald. Wolf dens exist in this forest.[2] Thunderstorms and heavy rain are common in this place.[3]


Magic is uncommon in the Howling Weald. It is exclusive to the Longclaw clan who protect its secrets.[4]


Bonemeal Ridge is located to the north of the forest. It is inhabited by ogres who are hostile towards the Weald's current inhabitants.

To the west of the forest is the labyrinth of the magus Gallaron. Going east will eventually lead one to the Silkmire Pass, which used to be a safe pilgrim's road to the now abandoned Temple of Ermacor.[5]

The Kalabor Desert is separated from this place by a mountain pass that its inhabitants use to travel to the Weald for refuge from Rhyzik and his forces.[6][7] However, there is another shortcut connecting these two places in the Temple of Ermacor.[8] Within this temple is the Grimwal Gate that blocks the way between the two lands, which requires the two Orbs of Passage to open.[9][10]

Notable Inhabitants[]


Lucius Longclaw lives in this forest with his canine brethren, the Longclaw clan. He was slain by the four Heroes hired by the Conclave of the Brine, alongside a small group of soldiers led by Commander Targan.


Most of the natural wildlife have been scared away by the wars between the Longclaw clan and the Bonemeal Ogres. The only remaining animals in the Weald are the most fearsome Hellbears and Dire Wolves.[11]


The Longclaw clan are a group of (presumably) lycanthropes who have taken the Howling Weald as their territory. They are at war with the ogres of Bonemeal Ridge.[12] This ferocious clan was pacified by the efforts of the four Heroes and Targan's troops, making the Weald safe for settlement.[13]

A small group of soldiers from Kalabor Desert, led by the mercenary leader Commander Targan, set up camp in the Weald to prepare for the refugees' arrival from the desert. With the death of Lucius Longclaw, the wildlands are safe for the refugees of Kalabor to settle in.[13][14]


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