Horde Mode

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Horde Mode
Horde Mode.png
Defend the Radiant base from hordes of enemies! Destroy the Dire Ancient to win.
Workshop:Horde Mode
Creator:Nye, Diellan
Last update:2018-5-24
Latest version:1.26a
Average duration:30-50 minutes
  • Players have to defend off hordes of enemy creeps and creatures rushing down to the radiant ancient.
  • Win by destroying Dire ancient which is protected by a dozen towers inside Dire base
  • Many abilities and tree-talents are modified
  • Can you find all the hidden skeletons?


  • When playing in 2 players mode, Top and Bottom lane tower are unkillable
  • Towers can be upgraded 10 times, to have extra armor/regen, multishot, and attack speed.
  • Giant Ogre replace Roshan in roshpit and drop Mysterious Orb when defeated.


Every ~7 min a boss marches down the mid lane

  • Roshan
  • Ogre Tank
  • Old Stumpy
  • Treant Protector
  • Lich
  • Centaur
  • Stone Golem
  • SKELETON (appears at 32 min)


Multiple items are modified, new items (mostly upgrades to existing ones) added:

Horde Stick/Wand[edit]

  • Gains up to 50/80 charges when creeps/neutrals are killed in 1200 AOE
  • Restore 6/8 per charge
  • if put on Lone Druid's Spirit Bear it will restore HP/MP through it's active, but will not gain charges.

Sacred Trident[edit]

  • Grant True Strike
  • Recipe: Monkey King Bar, Sacred Relic, Recipe.

Dragon Javelins[edit]

  • Spawns arrows that deal 80% of your base attack damage to nearby 2/3/4/5 enemies (Ranged only).
  • Recipe: Quelling blade, Dragon Lance, Perserverance, Recipe

Brilliant Radiance[edit]

  • 120 damage per second.
  • 35% burn miss chance.
  • 700 area of effect.
  • Recipe: Radiance, Talisman of Evasion, Recipe

Armor of Insight[edit]

  • Grants 5 health per second and 10% incoming damage reduction to all allies in a 900 radius.
  • When actived, grants additional 15 health per second and 30% incoming damage reduction to all allies in a 900 radius.
  • Recipe: Crimson Guard, Pipe of Insight, and Recipe.

Resonance Shard[edit]

  • Each attack has a 40% chance to deals magical damage to all enemy around.
  • 0.4 Melee damage multiplier in a radius 225. 0.3 Ranged damage multiplier in a radius 150.
  • Recipe: Blade of Alacrity, Staff of Wizardry, Bracer, Robe of the Magi, and Band of the Elvenskin

Willful Resonance[edit]

  • Each attack deals magical damage to all enemy around.
  • 0.8 Melee damage multiplier in a radius 225. 0.6 Ranged damage multiplier in a radius 150.
  • Recipe: Ultimate Orb, Resonance Shard, and Recipe


  • Active: Flying movement for 8 seconds.
  • 20% Critical hit chance for up to 175% bonus damage.
  • Recipe: Butterfly, Crystalis, Recipe.

Boots of Strength[edit]

  • Provides 100 strength for 6 seconds.
  • 30 seconds cooldown.
  • Recipe: Boots of Power, Reaver, Bracer.

Boots of Agility[edit]

  • Provides 100 armor for 6 seconds.
  • 60 seconds cooldown.
  • Recipe: Boots of Power, Eaglesong, Wraith band.

Boots of Intelligence[edit]

  • Passive: Decreases enemy magic resistance for 35% in 1000 radius.
  • Recipe: Boots of Power, Mystic Staff, Null Talisman

Cursed Rapier[edit]

  • Is not dropped on death.
  • Provides True Strike.
  • 35% for 160 damage mini bash.
  • Recipe: Claymore, Mithril Hammer, Demon Edge, Sacred Relic

Death Stone[edit]

  • Behaves similar to Horde dagon level 5, but with shorter cooldown, while providing Bloodstone's mana regeneration bonuses
  • Recipe: Bloodstone, Horde dagon level 5.

Vladmir's Cuirass[edit]

  • Grants lifesteal aura, that affects any physical damage(attacks, cleave damage, physical spell damage).
  • Affects buildings(including lifesteal).
  • Fully stacks with Vladmir's Offering's and Assault Cuirasses auras.
  • Recipe: Vladmir's Offering, Assault Cuirass, Recipe.

Boots of Travel level 3[edit]

  • Allows it's user to teleport at any spot on map(behaves similar to Nature Prophet's teleport spell).
  • Recipe: Boots of Travel level 2, Hyperstone, Recipe.

Sange, Yasha and Kaya[edit]

  • Grants 16 damage, 16 bonus to all stats, 16 attack speed, 16% spell amp.
  • Recipe: Sange and Yasha, Kaya.

Manta Style 2[edit]

  • Produces 2 illusions, that deal 100% damage, and take 150% damage for melee, and 200% for ranged heroes.
  • Recipe: Manta Style, Ultimate Orb, Recipe.

Volatile Desolator[edit]

  • Grants 100 damage.
  • Reduces target's armor by 12.
  • Recipe: Desolator, Demon Edge, Blight Stone, Recipe.

Aether Lens level 5[edit]

  • 450/500/550/600/650 bonus mana pool.
  • 1.25/1.75/2.0/2.25/2.50 bonus mana regeneration.
  • 250/300/350/400/450 bonus cast range.
  • 0/3/6/9/12% spell damage amplification.
  • Recipe: Aether Lens, Recipe

Helm of Oppression[edit]

  • Grants 16 health per second regeneration aura.
  • Dominated creeps are granted even bigger health pool and movement speed bonuses.
  • Recipe: Helm of the Dominator, Ultimate Orb, Ring of Health, Gloves of Haste, Recipe.

Shiva's Armaments[edit]

  • Aura: Decreases enemy magic resistance for 25% in area of ~900.
  • Fully stacks with Shiva's Guard's aura.
  • Recipe: Shiva's Guard, Veil of Discord, Recipe.

Other items[edit]

Most original items were buffed to compensate for the lack of usability.

  • Items like Orb of Venom, Eye of Skadi, Heaven's Halberd, Ether Cannon, Horde Dagon and Scythe of Vyse now affect targets in area.
  • Bloodstone now has fixed 8 mana regen per second. It won't grow, nor reduce on death.
  • Urn of Shadows now have charges from the start.
  • Drums of Endurance and Infused Raindrop base charges greatly increased.
  • Tranquil Boots cooldown is greatly reduced.
  • Heart of Tarrasque now behaves similarly to Tranquil Boots(break on damage mechanics), but still provides constant 4% health per second for melee heroes, and 2% for ranged heroes.
  • Items like Lotus Orb, Crimson Guard, Refresher Orb and etc. have their cooldown and duration tweaked.

Game mechanics[edit]

Altered to bring more enjoyment out of the creep killing process, Horde mode provides you with:

  • Experience gained when near a dying enemy creep is always 100%, no matter who killed the creep(you, your teammate or an ally creep).
  • Gold gained when near a dying enemy creep is 30% of the creep's bounty. Last hit is still the only way to get 100% gold bounty.
  • Maximum attack speed is increased for up to 1000 IAS.


  • Moonshards could be consumed infinite times.

Transition to 7.00[edit]

  • Currently using a modified 6.88 map