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Remember that this is only for reference. Not every single item or effect is a direct port!


Consumables & Supplies Attributes & Accesories
Dota 2 Item HoN Equivalent Dota 2 Item HoN Equivalent
Clarity icon Clarity HoN Mana Potionitem Mana Potion Iron Branch icon Iron Branch HoN Minor Totemitem Minor Totem
Tango icon Tango HoN Runes of the Blightitem Blight Stones Gauntlets of Strength icon Gauntlets of Strength HoN Crushing Clawsitem Crushing Claws
Healing Salve icon Healing Salve HoN Health Potionitem Health Potion Slippers of Agility icon Slippers of Agility HoN Duck Bootsitem Duck Boots
Town Portal Scroll icon Town Portal Scroll HoN Homecoming Stoneitem Homecoming Stone Mantle of Intelligence icon Mantle of Intelligence HoN Mark of the Noviceitem Mark of the Novice
Dust of Appearance icon Dust of Appearance HoN Dust of Revelationitem Dust of Revelation Circlet icon Circlet HoN Pretender's Crownitem Pretender's Crown
Smoke of Deceit icon Smoke of Deceit HoN Veiled Rotitem Veiled Rot Belt of Strength icon Belt of Strength HoN Bolstering Armbanditem Bolstering Armband
Observer Ward icon Observer Ward HoN Ward of Sightitem Ward of Sight Band of Elvenskin icon Band of Elvenskin HoN Fleetfootitem Fleetfeet
Sentry Ward icon Sentry Ward HoN Ward of Revelationitem Ward of Revelation Robe of the Magi icon Robe of the Magi HoN Apprentice's Robeitem Apprentice's Robe
Bottle icon Bottle HoN Bottleitem Bottle Ogre Axe icon Ogre Axe HoN Mighty Bladeitem Mighty Blade
Flying Courier icon Flying Courier HoN Winged Courieritem Flying Courier Staff of Wizardry icon Staff of Wizardry HoN Neophyte's Bookitem Neophyte's Book
Blade of Alacrity icon Blade of Alacrity HoN Quick Bladeitem Quickblade
Ultimate Orb icon Ultimate Orb HoN Blessed Orbitem Blessed Orb
Armaments & Weapons Arcane & Relics
Dota 2 Item HoN Equivalent Dota 2 Item HoN Equivalent
Ring of Protection icon Ring of Protection HoN Guardian Ringitem Guardian Ring Magic Stick icon Regular Stick HoN Mana Batteryitem Mana Battery
Quelling Blade icon Quelling Blade HoN Logger's Hatchetitem Logger's Hatchet Sage's Mask icon Sage's Mask HoN Scarabitem Scarab
Stout Shield icon Stout Shield HoN Iron Buckleritem Iron Buckler Ring of Regen icon Ring of Regen HoN Trinket of Restorationitem Trinket of Restoration
Blades of Attack icon Blades of Attack HoN Punch Daggeritem Punchdagger Boots of Speed icon Boots of Speed HoN Marchersitem Marchers
Chainmail icon Chainmail HoN Ringmailitem Ringmail Gloves of Haste icon Gloves of Haste HoN Gloves of the Swiftitem Gloves of the Swift
Helm of Iron Will icon Helm of Iron Will HoN Helm of the Victimitem Helm of the Victim Cloak icon Cloak HoN Mystic Vestmentsitem Mystic Vestments
Broadsword icon Broadsword HoN Broadsworditem Broadsword Gem of True Sight icon Gem of True Sight HoN Bound Eyeitem Bound Eye
Quarterstaff icon Quarterstaff HoN Steamstaffitem Steamstaff Morbid Mask icon Morbid Mask HoN Hungry Spirititem Hungry Spirit
Platemail icon Platemail HoN Plate Mailitem Platemail Ghost Scepter icon Ghost Scepter HoN Void Talismanitem Void Talisman
Mithril Hammer icon Mithril Hammer HoN Warhammeritem Warhammer Talisman of Evasion icon Talisman of Evasion HoN Snake Braceletitem Snake Bracelet
Blink Dagger icon Blink Dagger HoN Portal Keyitem Portal Key


Common & Initiation Support & Supportive
Dota 2 Item HoN Equivalent Dota 2 Item HoN Equivalent
Wraith Band icon Wraith Band HoN Soulscream Ringitem Soulscream Ring Ring of Basilius icon Ring of Basilius HoN Ring of the Teacheritem Ring of the Teacher
Null Talisman icon Null Talisman HoN Amulet of Exileitem Amulet of Exile Headdress icon Headdress HoN Refreshing Ornamentitem Refreshing Ornament
Bracer icon Bracer HoN Fortified Braceritem Fortified Bracer Buckler icon Buckler HoN Shield of the Fiveitem Shield of the Five
Magic Wand icon Magic Wand HoN Power Supplyitem Power Supply Arcane Boots icon Arcane Boots HoN Sorcery Bootsitem Sorcery Boots
Soul Ring icon Soul Ring HoN Blood Chaliceitem Blood Chalice Drum of Endurance icon Drum of Endurance HoN Energizeritem Energizer
Phase Boots icon Phase Boots HoN Ghost Marchersitem Ghost Marchers Vladmir's Offering icon Vladmir's Offering HoN Abyssal Skullitem Abyssal Skull
Power Treads icon Power Treads HoN Steambootsitem Steamboots Mekansm icon Mekansm HoN Astrolabeitem Astrolabe
Oblivion Staff icon Oblivion Staff HoN Arcanaitem Arcana Pipe of Insight icon Pipe of Insight HoN Barrier Idolitem Barrier Idol
Perseverance icon Perseverance HoN Sustaineritem Sustainer Medallion of Courage icon Medallion of Courage HoN Lex Talionis Lex Talionis
Hand of Midas icon Hand of Midas HoN Alchemist's Bonesitem Alchemist's Bones
Boots of Travel icon Boots of Travel HoN Post Hasteitem Post Haste
Caster & Supportive Weapons & Combatitive
Dota 2 Item HoN Equivalent Dota 2 Item HoN Equivalent
Force Staff icon Force Staff HoN Tablet of Commanditem Tablet of Command Crystalys icon Crystalys HoN Riftshardsitem Riftshards (early levels)
Necronomicon icon Necronomicon HoN Puzzle Boxitem Puzzlebox Armlet of Mordiggian icon Armlet of Mordiggian HoN Insanitariusitem Insanitarius
Eul's Scepter of Divinity icon Eul's Scepter of Divinity HoN Stormspirititem Stormspirit Skull Basher icon Skull Basher HoN Brutalizeritem Brutalizer
Dagon icon Dagon HoN Codexitem Codex Shadow Blade icon Shadow Blade HoN Assassin's Shrouditem Assassin's Shroud
Aghanim's Scepter icon Aghanim's Scepter HoN Staff of the Masteritem Staff of the Master Battle Fury icon Battle Fury HoN Runed Cleaveritem Runed Cleaver
Orchid Malevolence icon Orchid Malevolence HoN Hellfloweritem Hellflower Manta Style icon Manta Style HoN Geometer's Baneitem Geometer's Bane
Refresher Orb icon Refresher Orb HoN Restoration Stoneitem Restoration Stone Radiance icon Radiance HoN Mock of Brillianceitem Mock of Brilliance
Scythe of Vyse icon Scythe of Vyse HoN Kuldra's Sheepstickitem Kuldra's Sheepstick Monkey King Bar icon Monkey King Bar HoN Savage Maceitem Savage Mace
Butterfly icon Butterfly HoN Wingbowitem Wingbow
Daedalus icon Daedalus HoN Riftshardsitem Riftshards (later levels)
Divine Rapier icon Divine Rapier HoN Doom Bringeritem Doom Bringer
Armor & Protective Artifacts & Morph Attack
Dota 2 Item HoN Equivalent Dota 2 Item HoN Equivalent
Hood of Defiance icon Hood of Defiance HoN Shaman's Headdressitem Shaman's Headdress Helm of the Dominator icon Helm of the Dominator HoN Whispering Helmitem Whispering Helm
Blade Mail icon Blade Mail HoN Barbed Armoritem Barbed Armor Mask of Madness icon Mask of Madness HoN Elder Parasiteitem Elder Parasite
Vanguard icon Vanguard HoN Helm of the Black Legionitem Helm of the Black Legion Sange icon Sange HoN Icebranditem Icebrand
Soul Booster icon Soul Booster HoN Icon of the Goddessitem Icon of the Goddess Yasha icon Yasha HoN Firebranditem Firebrand
Black King Bar icon Black King Bar HoN Shrunken Headitem Shrunken Head Maelstrom icon Maelstrom HoN Thunder Clawitem Thunderclaw
Linken's Sphere icon Linken's Sphere HoN Null Stoneitem Null Stone Diffusal Blade icon Diffusal Blade HoN Nullfire Bladeitem Nullfire Blade
Assault Cuirass icon Assault Cuirass HoN Daemonic Breastplateitem Daemonic Breastplate Desolator icon Desolator HoN Shield Breakeritem Shieldbreaker
Heart of Tarrasque icon Heart of Tarrasque HoN Behemoth's Heartitem Behemoth's Heart Sange and Yasha icon Sange and Yasha HoN Frostburnitem Frostburn
Eye of Skadi icon Eye of Skadi HoN Frostwolf's Skullitem Frostwolf's Skull
Satanic icon Satanic HoN Symbol of Rageitem Symbol of Rage


Secret Shop & Legendary
Dota 2 Item HoN Equivalent Dota 2 Item HoN Equivalent
Ring of Health icon Ring of Health HoN Lifetubeitem Lifetube Reaver icon Reaver HoN Axe of the Malphaiitem Axe of the Malphai
Void Stone icon Void Stone HoN Manatubeitem Manatube Eaglesong icon Eaglesong HoN Dancing Bladeitem Dancing Blade
Energy Booster icon Energy Booster HoN Pickled Brainitem Pickled Brain Sacred Relic icon Sacred Relic HoN Sword of the Highitem Sword of the High
Vitality Booster icon Vitality Booster HoN Beastheartitem Beastheart Drop Only
Point Booster icon Point Booster HoN Glow Stoneitem Glowstone Dota 2 Item HoN Equivalent
Hyperstone icon Hyperstone HoN Warped Cleftitem Warpcleft Aegis of the Immortal icon Aegis of the Immortal HoN Token of Lifeitem Token of Life
Demon Edge icon Demon Edge HoN Slayeritem Slayer Cheese icon Cheese HoN Bananasitem Bananas
Mystic Staff icon Mystic Staff HoN Acolyte's Staffitem Acolyte's Staff Runes Runes HoN Illusionrune Runes
Heroes of Newerth Exclusive Items
Basic Items Recipe Items
Item Name Explanation Item Name Explanation
HoN Major Totemitem Major Totem Mid tier stat item. Gives +4 Strength, Agility, and Intelligence. HoN Iron Shielditem Iron Shield A minor upgrade to Buckler that grants agility and 100% block chance against hero attacks. Formerly equivalent to Poor Man's Shield before being removed from the game.
HoN Alacrity Banditem Alacrity Band Mid tier Attack Speed item. Grants +25 Attack Speed. HoN Stridersitem Striders Boots which provide a stacking speed and health regen boost while out-of-combat and are not near an enemy hero. Similar to Tranquil Boots.
HoN Luminous Prismitem Luminous Prism Upper tier Intelligence item. Grants +15 Intelligence. HoN Plated Greavesitem Plated Greaves Boots that gives a temporary armor boost to ally heroes and damage bonus and damage block to non-hero units around your hero.
HoN Perpetual Cogwheelitem Perpetual Cogwheel Advanced Mana Regen item. Grants +150% Mana Regeneration. HoN Grave Locketitem Grave Locket An upgraded Null Talisman, with +1 more to all stats. On kill or assist, it becomes charged, granting +3 to all stats. On death, the charge is lost, but respawn time is reduced.
HoN Voltstoneitem Voltstone Basic item that releases a weak Chain Lightning every 4 attacks. Used as a component for Lightning items. HoN Sacrificial Heartitem Sacrificial Stone An upgrade to the Grave Locket. Grants a small armor buff to allies when used. When charged, the activation effect also gives bonus stats to other allies and dying removes the charge to reduce respawn time. Previously a rework of Bloodstone.
HoN SomaZ's Synchronizeritem Orb of Zamos A starting item that synchronizes with a nearby allied hero. When synchronized, both heroes gain +5 Damage, +10 Movement Speed, and 10 gold to the partner on creep kill. HoN Ring of Sorceryitem Ring Of Sorcery Can be activated to restore Mana to nearly allies like Arcane Boots except they aren't boots. Identical to Arcane Ring from before DotA 6.68. Builds into Sorcery Boots.
link:hon:Rejuvenation Potion Rejuvenation Potion A consumable item that heals 1200 Health and 900 Mana over 20 seconds (5 minute cooldown). Can be bought outside of the base at the Observatory. HoN Soultrapitem Soultrap Gains charges whenever a nearby enemy dies. Charges can be used to heal an ally over time. Similar functionality as Urn of Shadows.
HoN Energizer Energizer Support item that applies a tapering move speed buff to nearby allies. Similar to Drum of Endurance, except reusable.
HoN Sol's Bulwark Sol's Bulwark A weaker version (and component) of Assault Cuirass that can be toggled to either reduce enemy's armor or increase allies' armor.
HoN Madfred's Brass Knuckles Madfred's Brass Knuckles An inexpensive item that grants damage and stats. On kill or assist, it gains +3 Damage, up to 5 kills. At 5 kills, it also grants +15 Movement Speed.
HoN Lightbrand Lightbrand Intelligence counterpart to Sange/Yasha. Provides flat mana regeneration and grants bonus spell damage vs. non-hero units.
HoN Searing Light Searing Light A combination of Lightbrand and Yasha. Increased potency of movement speed bonus and mana regen/bonus spell damage vs. creeps similar to Sange and Yasha.
HoN Frozen Light Frozen Light A combination of Lightbrand and Sange. Increased potency of slow and mana regenbonus spell damage vs. creeps similar to Sange and Yasha.
HoN Dawnbringer Dawnbringer Sange, Yasha and Lightbrand combined. Movement speed, slow and mana regen/bonus spell damage vs. creeps are increased even further.
HoN Grimoire of Power Grimoire of Power An upgrade to Lightbrand, providing flat mana regen and bonus spell damage vs. creeps, as well as 15% increased damage with abilities and items.
HoN Spellshardsitem Spellshards Wielder passively ignores 60% of the enemy's Magic Armor.
HoN Spell Sunder Spell Sunder Whenever the wielder deals Magic damage, it applies a DoT that deals damage based on the target's current Health. Damage dealt is reduced to 1/3 when activated from Magic DoT damage. Does not activate from its own DoT damage.
HoN Sand Scepteritem Sand Scepter Intelligence-based item that can be used on allies or self to remove debuffs or on enemies to remove buffs and immobilize and give vision of them for 2 seconds.
HoN Nome's Wisdomitem Nome's Wisdom Support item that grants an aura that provides Mana Regen, bonus Magic Armor, and heals for 30% of Mana spent. Creates a temporary shield if you heal more than you are missing health.
HoN Jade Spireitem Jade Spire An upgraded Nome's Wisdom with a stronger aura. Can be activated to gain massive Mana Regen and 100% Magic Damage Lifesteal for 6 seconds.
HoN Master's Legacy Master's Legacy An upgrade to Staff of the Master which grants another hero the boost from Staff of the Master permanently while it's in inventory.
HoN Spiked Bolaitem Spiked Bola Grants Agility, Attack Speed, and can be activated to disarm an enemy.
HoN Arclight Crownitem Hypercrown Grants +150 Attack Speed.
HoN Genjuroitem Genjuro Upgraded Shadow Blade that gives two charges of invisibility and more agility. Attacking from stealth also applies a move speed slow.
HoN Harkons Bladeitem Harkon's Blade Strong Intelligence-based weapon that can be activated to change your to deal magic damage and reduce the target's magic armor on hit. While active, each attack costs mana.
HoN Bloodborne Maulitem Bloodborne Maul A Strength-based carry item that grants bonus True Damage based on the amount of damage taken. Bonus True damage gradually decreases after you stop taking damage.
HoN Corrupted Sword Corrupted Sword Grants +70 Damage, which can be consumed to permanently gain 35 Damage.
HoN Ultor's Heavy Plateitem Ultor's Heavy Plate Powerful Armor item that grants an aura that reduces nearby enemies' Attack Speed by 20% (a la Shiva's). Can be activated to remove debuffs and gain a massive Armor bonus that tapers off over 6 seconds.
HoN Refreshment Rune Refreshment Rune A non-standard Rune that spawns in the opposite spawn location of the main Rune. With an empty Bottle, it gives 2/3 Bottle charges. Otherwise, its effects are equal to one Bottle use. Similar to the Bounty Rune in function.

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