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A Heroic item received from spectating NADotA Elite League

Heroic items are commemorative items that dropped during a Tournament for spectators watching in-game or on with a linked Steam account.

General Information[]

  • Heroic items record the tournament, in-game event, teams, players, time of occurrence in their descriptions, as well as the match ID.
  • When accessed from the Armory, Heroic items provide a shortcut to the associated match which can be viewed if the associated ticket is held.
  • Items are chosen randomly from the current Crafting List.


  • Spectators must own the ticket to the tournament to receive drops.
  • Heroic items will only drop in games with over 100 spectators.
  • Amateur leagues won't drop any item.
    • The number of drops handed out increases with the number of spectators.


Heroic items only drop when certain events occur in-game.

  • Victory
  • First blood
  • Double kill
  • Triple kill
  • Ultra kill
  • Rampage
  • Godlike Spree
  • Courier killing
  • Allied hero denial
  • Hero denial
  • Aegis denial - (denying the Aegis of the Immortal)
  • Aegis snatch - (Stealing the Aegis after the enemy team kills Roshan)
  • Early Roshan - (Killing Roshan before the starting horn)
  • Purchasing a Rapier
  • 5 man Echo Slam - (Hitting 5 enemy heroes with Echo Slam icon Echo Slam)
  • 500 last hit - (500 last hits on creeps)