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This article or section contains content that has been removed from the game or store, or has never been released. It exists solely for archival purposes.

Hermes Sandals is an unreleased item.

Components required from the Base Shop Components required from the Secret Shop
Hermes Sandals
Unknown Item icon
Unreleased Item
Cost 4800 Gold (500)
Sell Value Full price refunded within 10s. 2400 Gold
Active Greater Phase
Bonus ? +30 Agility
+5 Armor
+50 Move Speed
+20 Melee Attack Damage
+20 Ranged Attack Damage
Shareable No
Disassemble No
Usage Alert ? No
Hermes Sandals (4800)
Phase Boots (1500)
Eaglesong (2800)
Recipe (500)

Additional Information[]

  • Can be obtained with the following chat command [?]: -item item_hermes_sandals


Greater Phase
No Target
When activated, the user cannot be slowed or rooted. Gives 20% increased movement speed on melee heroes, and 10% on ranged heroes, and lets you move through units and turn more quickly for 4 seconds. Does not dispel roots that are already in place.
Move Speed Bonus (Melee): 20%
Move Speed Bonus (Ranged): 10%
Turn Rate (Melee): 1
Duration: 4
Cooldown symbol
Mana symbol

  • Does not interrupt the caster's channeling abilities upon cast.
  • For Melee melee heroes, it increases the average movement speed by 8% and increases the caster base turn rate to 1 for its duration.
    • Turn rate slowing effects (e.g. Sticky Napalm icon Sticky Napalm) still affect it normally.
  • For Ranged ranged heroes, it increases the average movement speed by 4%.
  • The buff is immediately removed, if the item is sold, dropped, or when moved into the backpack.

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