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User info boxes, or user boxes, are small tags that can be placed on your user page to denote affiliations, hobbies, achievements, etc. They can be either public (in the Template namespace), or private (in the User namespace).

Existing User Boxes: User Info Boxes

It's not polite to use unlisted user boxes without permission!

Note: When at all possible, please use user info boxes that have already been created.

Using a User Info Box

Using a user box is as simple as adding the template to your user page. For example, the Dota 2 userbox can be found at Template:User Dota 2.

To add a public user box to your page, you include the template like so:

{{User Dota 2}}

The above example produces the following on your user page:

Dota 2 logo.png This user enjoys Dota 2.

To add a private user box, you must use the full path to the template, as follows:

{{User:Robjackson/Template:User Recent Changes Patroller}}

The above example produces the following user box:

Recent Changes Patroller.png This user watches the Recent Changes log.

Note: Note that when including a user box from the User namespace, you MUST include the Template prefix.

Creating a User Info Box

Very widely used user boxes (such as Template:User Dota 2) should be created in the Template namespace. All other user boxes should be in the User namespace ([[User:Your_Username/Template:User Example]]).

1. Navigate to the page you wish to use for your userbox.
The naming convention for user boxes is:
Template:User Name of user box
ALL user boxes should be prefixed with "User" to avoid any conflicts with articles.
2. Copy the code below. Do NOT edit the global user box template.
  |border-c = Border Color (Hex)
  |border-s = Border Size (Pixels, Use 1 to match others)
  |id-c     = ID field bgcolor (Hex)
  |id-s     = ID field Font size (Pixels, Use 14 to match others)
  |id-fc    = ID field Color (Hex)
  |info-c   = Info text bgcolor (Hex)
  |info-s   = Info Font size (Pixels, use 7 to match others)
  |info-fc  = Info text color (foreground)
  |id       = ID field text (Small Section.  40px image OR Two 14pt Characters ONLY)
  |info     = Info field Text (Large Section, Text ONLY)
3. Edit everything to the right of the = sign as desired.
Note: The maximum text size for the id is 24! Do not exceed this value, or the box will stretch.
4. (Optional) If you want your user box to be listed as public, go to User Info Boxes and add the following (Replace USERBOX NAME with the name of your user box):
{{Userbox_preview|UIB=USERBOX NAME}}