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Dota 2 Wiki is capable of handling multilingual content and providing the reader a user interface in their preferred language. Multilingual editors are encouraged to translate and maintain articles in as many different languages as possible to reach the whole Dota 2 global community. Maintaining up to date translated articles is very important and it should be noted that it is preferential to have an up to date English article, rather than an out of date translated one.

How to translate a page[]

No automated translation tools!
The use of Google Translate or any automated translation tool or service is strictly prohibited. Pages found to have used these tools will be deleted and users who repeatedly use these programs will be blocked from further editing.
Please report any pages that consist of entirely machine-translated text (or any users that appear to repeatedly use these tools) to the project page.

Follow these guidelines to start translating an article.

  1. Check that your language is supported.
  2. Go to the English version of the article's page and click "Edit this page". Select everything in the box and copy it.
  3. Go to the Language version of the article and click "Create". Paste everything from your clipboard.
    The Portuguese version of the article "Equipment" would be pt:Equipamento.
  4. Add the template {{Translate}} to the top of the page. This keeps all uncompleted articles in your language together.
  5. Change all the categories at the bottom of the page. Most pages will have localized category names.
  6. You can now translate the rest of the article. Note that some text is stored in other pages (called "templates"). To translate these you will have to edit them individually.


Please watch the Project:Translation page. Announcements and discussion will take place there. (click the 'watch' tab at the top). This will ensure you stay on top of any changes or announcements.

Rules for the EN wiki:

  • Talk pages
    • It is vital that all discussion based on specific users and articles is in English. This is especially important when discussing the quality or accuracy of any article or translator.
  • Edit summaries
    • All edit summaries should be written in English where practical.

Rules for other languages:

  • Keep the template names in english. Do not move the code away from the page. You can create localized redirects towards the template instead.


Each subwiki has it's own localized version of the EN template. Changes and improvements should be ported upstream to the EN version, where the other downstream languages will notice the changes and can adapt them as well.

Media files[]

There are two types of databases: Shared (en) and local (de/pt/ru/zh).

Shared en images can be called as if they were available at the respective wiki. If you use parser functions you can use these two functions to distinguish where the image comes from:

  • {{#ifexist:File:EN_image.png|true|false}} returns false on the RU wiki because the file page is not on the RU wiki but the EN wiki.
  • {{#ifexist:Media:EN_image.png|true|false}} returns true on the RU wiki because the file media is available (shared) to the RU wiki from the EN wiki.


Images have to be uploaded to the English wiki. If there is text within the image that needs to be translated, the new image can be uploaded to the local databases.

Wiki files[]

Those files need language specific adaptions beside the usual translations:

Supported languages[]

Dota 2 Wiki supports language translation of articles into a number of languages, the majority of which have localization files for Dota 2.

There are no plans to add support for any further languages at this time. Support for the translation of articles into a specific language will now only be considered if there are localization files present in the game. The reasoning for this is that the workload for translators who do not have support from the Steam Translation Server (in the form of word lists, nouns, etc, and proper discussion channels) is significantly higher. The amount of active translators is also less, meaning pages can quickly become out of date.

If you want to maintain a new language in the long term, start a new discussion at Project:Translation and give your reasoning. It's very advantageous to have a good record of edits to show your credibility.

ISO639-1 code Name in English
de German
pt Portuguese
pt-br Portuguese (Brazil)
ru Russian
zh Chinese
zh-hans Chinese (Simplified)
zh-hant Chinese (Traditional)