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Tournaments are essential to the growth of Dota 2 as we witness Dota 2 at its best. Below is a style guide on how tournament articles should be styled.

Nationality of Teams[]

Based on the sum of players of the same nationality. The organization's nationality would be accounted as 1 player. The team's nationality would be determined if half or more of the players are of the same nationality. If two nationalities ends in a draw, the nationality with the organization prevails. Otherwise a continental flag, or the world flag if necessary, is used.


  • United States Team Zappalona (American Organization)
  • United States CoolioPlayer
  • United States HerpDerp
  • Denmark Feeder-Venomancer
  • Denmark King of the World

Would be considered as United States Team Zappalona.

  • Germany Team Radiance (German Organization)
  • France Mastermind
  • France Hello
  • France DerpHerp
  • Germany I EAT DOTA

Would be considered as France Team Radiance.

  • United States Team Domination (American Organization)
  • Philippines ProudPinoy
  • Brazil Brazillion!!
  • Italy RaceCars
  • Russia BewareOfBears
  • Egypt LandOfSand

Would be considered as World Team Domination.


  • Tournaments with at least one team participating that is covered by the wiki will be mentioned in the tournaments page.
  • Tournaments with a prize pool totaling more than $500 USD will get their own page.
  • For any special circumstances, a consensus will need to be established.


The title of the page should be the tournament's full name.

Good Example: Electronic Sports World Cup 2011
Bad Example: ESWC 11


All tournament articles must contain an introduction which will introduce the reader to the tournament and its main highlights.

Tournament Infobox[]

All tournament articles should be accompanied by the Tournament infobox containing a single picture of the tournament logo and its basic information.

Participating Teams[]

A list of participating teams should be included, listing the nationality and team's full name in columns, while listing the nature of participation (qualified, invited) if possible.

Good Example:

Invited Teams (2)

Qualified (2)

Bad Example:

Invited Teams (2)

Qualified (2)


All tournament articles should be accompanied by a list of players in another page titled "Tournament name" squads. Insert a hatnote to the page in this section.


A list of shoutcasters of the tournament with Template:Broadcaster in columns should be provided.

League Tables[]

Use Template:League team for any sort of league tables.

Group Stages[]

Use wikitables for each group in a Group Stage.

  • If a team qualified from a group, use #ccffcc (Light Green) on the table.
  • If a team qualified into Relegation/Losers Bracket, use #cfc (Light Yellow) on the table.

Knockout Stages[]

For knockout stages, use any appropriate template from Category:Tournament bracket templates.


  • Use Template:Matchbox for every single game played. (3 games for BO3 etc.)
  • List the date for every game played, do not list the time.
  • Use > and < to display the winners.
  • Every team should have its country flag listed beside it.
  • A Matchbox should display "Team" "Flag" "Result" "Flag" "Team"

Good Example:

2012-1-4 10.000th Europe > China LGD  

Bad Example:

2012-1-4 10:00 CET Europe 10.000th 2-1 China LGD  

Prize Allocation[]

In prize allocation, use Template:Prize and only list of teams that has earn any amount of money from participating in the tournament.


This section is for all additional or interesting information regarding the tournament that does not belong in any other section. Trivia should be detailed information that may be of interest to a reader, possibly something they would not immediately know.

For more information regarding this, consult the trivia guidelines.


Any links with direct importance to statements, wherever in the article, should be provided here with number citations.


The article should end with Category:Tournaments

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