Dota 2 Wiki

Dota 2 Wiki is open to new articles on custom game modes. However, submissions must be generally notable, and not overly obscure. This means that the game mode is relatively popular and well-known.


To have a custom game listed on Dota 2 Wiki, the following criteria must be met in the Steam Workshop listings.

  • Game must have been listed, at some point, on the first three pages on the Workshop, when sorting by "Top Rated All Time" OR "Most Subscribed".
  • Game must have a rating of at least 3 stars.

In general, use common sense when creating articles. Please do not use the Wiki to promote custom games nobody's heard of.


  • Please have a single, succinct, and identifiable name for your game mode, preferably in English.
  • Please do not create articles with symbols or unusual characters in the title.
    • For example:
      • NoN [5v5] Forest Map!! v1.6 is not a good name for an article.
      • YesY Jungle Brawler Wars is acceptable.
  • Please provide your own banner for the Custom Games page if possible.
    • Default dimensions are: 300x150


  • Dota 2 Wiki staff do not have the time or resources to keep custom game articles updated.
  • Please provide information on gameplay, content, and updates yourself.
  • The article for Overthrow is a good example to model pages after.
  • Remember to add categories to the article, or it won't show up on the navigational template.
    • Example: [[Category:Custom Games]] and [[Category:10 Player Custom Games]]