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Factions Marrowfell Hunters
Places Roseleaf
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White Spire
Characters Kwerthias
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Hellbears are a species of bipedal ursine creatures in the Dota 2 world.


Although not explicit, hellbears may live in Roseleaf where they are hunted by the Marrowfell Hunters every year.[1] They are also seen in the Howling Weald as one of the few creatures to not be scared off by the conflict between Lucius Longclaw and his canine clan versus Bogdugg and the Bonemeal Ogres.[2]


Despite their "bear" title, hellbears lack most of the typical bear's physical features. Unlike their fuzzy cousins, the only fur they have is on their hands, which goes all the way to their elbows but not covering their forearms, and on their feet. They have no paws, but they have three large claws on their feet and prehensile hands. These hands are strong enough to break metal swords with their fists[1] and create shockwaves with a clap that can throw lesser foes off of their footing.[3] They have humanoid bodies with arms larger than their legs similar to those of the Ursa. Like all baby animals, hellbear cubs are regarded as cute.[4]

What really makes them distinguishable from other bearlike races is their head. Lacking any visible noses, they instead have a large mouth that is filled with rows of big teeth. Because their mouths have no lips, their gums and teeth are well exposed. They also have long pointy ears.

Hellbears come in two colors, yellow and red. Because of this, they are jokingly called Potato and Tomato, respectively.[5] But the hellbears in Howling Weald have blue or light orange skin.


Hellbears are incapable of intelligible speech because they communicate in guttural roars and growls. However, a clan of hellbears managed to learn the ability to read and write.[6] They can also feel complicated emotions like anger from witnessing a fellow hellbear's death,[5] displeasure from being in captivity, or feeling soothed from being reprieved of their injuries.

Alpha hellbears can assert their dominance over lesser hellbears by bullying them into doing something, indicating that hellbears are social animals.[7]


Their animalistic behavior belies their violent history. Long ago, there was a great hellbear uprising, but the insurrection was quelled with the invention of a simple yet powerful weapon. [8]



Lord Kwerthias of Revtel once owned a great menagerie containing exotic beasts such as hellbears. Phantom Assassin minimap icon.png Phantom Assassin was dispatched by her sisterhood to assassinate Kwerthias and successfully did so by unleashing his pets in the palace. The guards were occupied with the rampaging beasts and Mortred used this opportunity to slit his throat.[9]

Somewhere in White Spire, Grek has a menagerie of wild animals for his dangerous shows. Hellbears are but one of the many species available in his collection, which he dispatched against Anessix to stall her from becoming the next Underlord after Momma Eeb's death.[10]


Hellbears are hunted by the poachers of the Marrowfell Tribe. To their most skilled poachers, even a newly initiated centaur can kill a hellbear, but it is much more impressive to kill one without getting scarred.[1]



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